January 22nd, 2011

no angel - Fallen Angel

turning somersaults over broken glass

Sooooo.... yeah. Well, I drove the Crack Van in December for the Sherlock fandom and now I've been tapped to drive in February for the DC Comics fandom. Which fandom, while a long-standing love of mine, I have been on-again-off-again with for about a year. I have some stuff I definitely know that I will be recommending, but I also would like to ask the help of my friends here whom I know read fanfic. Link me to your favorite DC stories! I must go on a binge-reading fest (I know, my life, it is so hard). :-P

In other news, I spent about 3 hours today changing ALL of my passwords across, like, the 2 million websites I use to make them all different and incomprehensible. I, like most people, have a bad habit of making my passwords for everything all the same (or simple variations on a theme) and not making them very complicated with punctuation and stuff. This has now all been remedied. Now we shall see if I can remember all the random-ass gobbledegook that I have made my passwords into. Good times.

I have been playing an incredibly absurd amount of LotRO lately. The game developers seem to have a prod directly into that part of my brain that is like unto the mouse pressing the lever for a pellet of food. I feel compelled to grind for reputation and do deeds and complete zones and instances like never before. I feel like a smoker who has fallen off the path towards a healthy future and gone back to smoking four packs a day. MMOs are kinda evil. Sigh.

Also, I am applying to be a park ranger. Well, no, not really. But kinda? It's a National Park Service program to put teachers to work over the summer at visitor stations and as hiking guides and then liaise with them over the course of the teaching year on matters of related curriculum. It is geared towards science teachers, but, like, I'm credentialed to teach Psychology... that kinda counts, right? Erm. We'll see. I'll try not to get my hopes up, but it does sound really cool.

I keep wanting to write these epic fanfics. I am inspired like I haven't been in a few years to write (I think the last story I wrote was, what, that Aquaman fic while I was still living in Japan?), and it's all because of the Sherlock fandom. Maybe I could actually pull something off and break this cinder block that has been impeding the flow of my creativity for the last couple of years. But... it's so hard to get started. On ANYTHING, really. I kinda feel stuck -- like, my ball is all inflated and ready to roll, but it is stuck in tar. Bleh.