June 19th, 2011

Newsstand Spider

X-Men: First Class

Went to see this lovely gem of a movie yesterday with inkwraith. Ahhh, Marvel... how you like to mess with our heads!

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ON THE OTHER HAND! I loved how the whole movie was about the epic romance of Professor X and Magneto! Like, for serious!

Yo! It's totally not just me drinking the slash!kool-aid, I swear! Even the official video is... highly suggestive. (No spoilers in this video, really, as you just get a few quick glimpses.)

(PS: The best thing about the movie = how much more fucked up the Summers family is going to be as the comics try to "fit" this version into retconned-to-high-hell canon! :D)

...wow, how sad is it that my only Marvel icon is a Spider-man one I used to use for posting about work?