August 2nd, 2011

staying up late is bad

So yea, I totally can't seem to sleep tonight. No worries, the internet saves me!

Suggestion on what to get me for some gift-giving special occasion: Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps DVDs, please. ^_^ (This show is frickin HILARIOUS. And YouTube is awesome for having so much of it on there available for me to watch. Yay!)

Every post is made better by Jedward, right? Right. Now with extra Korean pop! (Hold the hate... warning, that link and the accompanying 600+ comments of wank, xenophobia, propaganda, "science" and pseudo-intellectual discourse in between silly .gifs may hurt your brain.)

Oh, and here, have something from Morning Musume. The one in red is 13 years old. YEAH. Seriously. No, I'm not joking. Really. Usually Momusu is a LOT more age-appropriate than most idol groups and this video just makes me cringe (while also showcasing how talented they are, but still, yeah.)

ETA: And here is a link to the full concert, should you wish to indulge... warning, it's almost 2 hours long. (Aika is totally my favorite.)