October 24th, 2011

red winged serpent

The United States of Me

I haven't been posting much. I would say that I don't have much to post about, and that is actually true, for the most part, but just as a broken clock can be right twice a day, my life is not boring and pedestrian on rare occasions.

A week ago, last Tuesday night, I had another one of my scary allergy attacks of doom. I didn't have to go to the hospital in an ambulance, but I did faint, have trouble breathing, and get the full-body hives. Basically, a miserable time that has left me completely disinclined to eat. At all. Yesterday, I had 6 taquitoes. Today, I rocked some grapes, an apple, and a croissant. Just the thought of eating something that puts me into anaphylactic shock again fills me with dread. And no, I cannot correlate the two prior events to discover the cause. The doctor tested me for the 8 most common food allergies, but I was negative for them, so it could be literally anything. Let's just say that the epipen is always close at hand and that I've been eating a lot of rice lately.

I've been very bad about reading LJ lately, too. I am missing about the last month of reading, so if I missed anything important, let me know. I've been distracted by LOTRO, mainly, and also work has finally picked up so I'm busy during most weekdays, which is good. I also started playing Glitch this weekend. Very cute, fun, and addictive game. The name of my Glitch is Cloudie, if anyone else here plays and wants to make friends with me. Let me know your name and I'll add you, too!

I'm really enjoying re-reading Michelle West. She's an author I'd highly recommend to anyone who is fond of fantasy novels, particularly well-constructed fantasy novels with highly intricate plots. However, reading her has put me exceptionally behind in reading the ever-growing list of fanfics on my queue. I have so many tabs open that I'm afraid that my internet will crash from the strain. Don't tell me I'm silly -- I swear, it's happened before!
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