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The dog is panting 'cause I just took him for a walk...

So, on Thursday night I came here, to the place I'm taking care of in the absence of it's owners for the next two weeks. Yesterday was crazy. Anime club! Fun fun fun! With LOTS of people. I actually fit six people into my car. At best, my car can fit five -- four comfortably. There was lap-sitting, and no one will ever believe Dave when he says that a girl sat on his lap before he ever knew her name. Heh. Then, there was Harry Potter! The book shop had real live owls! Wow! And I got my ticket for the book. My original ticket was Slytherin 164, but I traded it for Hufflepuff 175, because duh, I'm a Hufflepuff, not a Slytherin! And I kept my ticket, tee hee, because I didn't actually buy the book... I'll get it and read it later... when it comes out in paperback maybe... or I'll just borrow it and read it... Anyway, there is a much better recap of last night's adventure here, for those so interested. Today I ran errands in a scary car not my own. Also, the dog is depressed because his folks are gone. Aww. *hugs dog* And! *hugs Muppety* Anything I can do for you, you know I will, right? *snuggles Muppet*

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