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Must not sleep, the pink bunnies will get me!

Hi there! *huggles everyone in sight* Long time no see!

I'm packing for ComicCon right now! (Well, obviously not, I'm actually writing this entry. But I should be packing for ComicCon. The time is now 1:35am and I leave in four and a half hours.)

Gee, I hope none of my friends that are going with me see this before we leave. They are bugging me about my lack of sleeping. (Hey, I took a nap on my lunch break today...) Tsarina and Carrie are even taking bets on when I flip out from sleep-deprivation! Bad silensy, bad oshunanat!!!


guingel, you never told me what you want me to get you. (Did you? I don't think so, anyway. Um.) So, it'll be a surprise. ^_^

I have a Holy Quest. I will find Aragorn at ComicCon! I will find him, put him in a pretty box, and ship him off to Australia! This I swear!!!

Oh, and I gave in and bought myself the Croatian dictionary. Heh. Funny thing was, the VERY NEXT DAY, this woman and her daughter come in looking for it, and I had to admit that I just bought it, and she asked why, and I said just because it was cool, and she kinda frowned at me, but I did order another one for her, actually it was automatically ordered because we're modeled to carry one copy of it, but still. Yeah.

I love Nesanica. And I love tossblack for making my pretty little Dollfie some clothes. Thank you, Al!!!

I hope I find my ticket to ComicCon soon. Oh, and I need to clear out the memory on my camera, so I can take pictures. And stuff. Like pack. I should do that. But I WANT to make a new mix CD. But I shouldn't. So I won't. No, really, I won't. I'll just check my e-mail.

Buh bye!

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