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I should probably update: Comic Con, famous people, PotC

So yeah! A week ago I was at Comic Con in San Diego! Yay!

Things started out sucky, with G's car not starting, Alseides losing one of her bags after it fell off the top of the car on the Freeway of Hell (was a traumatic experience), and the hotel played room roulette with us and even sent us to another hotel before finally giving us a room. But! We made it and we had fun. More on the sucky and fun things in entries by Tsarina and Alseides.

I got lots of stuff. Lots. Free and costly stuff both. I went to the Farscape panel and got to see most of the cast. They talked about a fifth season as if it were real and indicated that there may be a Farscape TV movie in the future. I couldn't get into the Stargate SG-1 panel because the line was too long. Did see the Carla Speed McNeil panel and the Kevin Smith panel. Carla was very interesting and Kevin Smith was hilarious. Went to the panel and preview of Dave McKean and Neil Gaiman's Mirror Mask, which looks very cool. Saw a screening of Jill Thompson's Scary Godmother. And, of course, I went to the New Line Cinema panel... DOM!!! And Elijah and Sean and other cool actors and Weta people and demonstrations of makeup and clothing and making a sword, but... DOM!!! Dom so rocks. I <3 Dom. He had us all in the palm of his hand. He had PRESENCE. Elijah was pretty and cool, but Dom ROCKED! And his t-shirt! *faints*

Heh. Anyway, I got Fred Gallager to draw me Piro and sign my copy of the first MegaTokyo book, and Carla Speed McNeil to sign Finder stuff for me, and Terry Moore to sign the latest Strangers in Paradise trade and lots of other people to sign stuff, too. Yay, comics!

I bought comics and art cards and graphic novels and presents for people and gloworms and art prints and had fun fun FUN! Masquerade was cool, especially One Ring Circus and the Elven Hair Care skit that referred to Cassie Claire's Very Secret Diaries. Saw some uber cool costumes and took lots of pics, including cute snuggly hobbity pics. Yay! Will post them later tonight.

Had random encounters with Stan Lee (comics guru) and Amber Bensen (Tara from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and I'm told I passed right by Wil Weaton (Wesley from Star Trek: The Next Generation) without seeing him, plus got to see Neil Gaiman and meet with Neil Gaiman's American press agent/assistant when I randomly acosted him to take pictures of us all ("us all" being me, Al, Tsarina, G, Tori, April, and Heather).

Oh, and speaking of famous people, Mark Dacascos (he played Eric Draven in The Crow: Stairway to Heaven and Mani in Brotherhood of the Wolf) came into the store Wednesday night and I got to order a book on Kazakstan for him. Apparently, he's going there next week. Maybe he’s going on location for a shoot? Anyway, it was cool.

Tori visited me at work Wednesday night, too, and yesterday we went to see Pirates of the Caribbean. SUCH A COOL MOVIE! OMG, Johnny! Orlando! Johnny/Orlando! WANT! Johnny Depp owns my soul now.


So, tonight Al and I are going to play with our Dollfies and with our new Lord of the Rings Card Game, and then I'm going to meet Carrie at Anime Club. Yeah, I'm a geek.

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