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My life isn't more hectic than usual, just... messier.

This is a cute and well-written fic, with a Good Omens vibe, although it feels more like an original story to me.

See, I wrote this fanfic. On paper. At work. Since I do that. I write things when I shouldn't be, when I should be doing something else, like taking notes and paying attention in class or when I should be doing work. It's a good fanfic. About Glorfindel and his first love. It's for the Battlefields LotR zine. However, I cannot find it. Where did my story go? Did I file it away somewhere in someone's personnel file and will someone find it five years down the road and wonder? Did I take it home with me and is it now buried under a heap of laundry? Is it in a folder or did I stuff it into a book? Nyah, not a book, it wouldn't fit. So. I was going to type it up today, but I cannot find it. I shall look more.

I do not want to be the Summer Fairy, I want to be the Map Fairy. And seriously? Alseides? You do realize that we will be going to a big gay party dressed as fairies? *giggles*

I tried taking a whole bunch of pictures of Nesanica to post here, but they all came out fuzzy or wrong or something. Must play with various digital cameras and make it right. Maybe Mark will let me borrow his uber-spiffy nifty expensive one? Hope.

KISSAKI!!! You are evil! I now ship Ylang Ylang!!! Totally. However, it's WIP!!!! >:O Oh, and C.U.S.P., mmmmm, yeah... which is also WIP, so >:O!!!!

There is one word to describe California elections. "Facepalms" is the word.

viridian5 rocks. Utterly. I am fully immersed in an original story by her and I am scared to give feedback because it's so cool. Rocks.

I need to know dates for Pirates of the Caribbean. I do. I'm researching stuff and I've found some cool things to include in a fic, but first I need to know when the movie was set. Within at least a decade. C'mon, someone here must know!

And speaking of PotC, last night in the break room we were talking about Captain Jack Sparrow. See, one of the only ladies who works in the kids department was buying GQ. You know the one, the issue with Johnny Depp on the cover. Yeah, us girls, we dished and admired and proclaimed our love. I want that issue of GQ, too. It was just kind of funny, the lady is all cute and grandmotherly and she was totally ga-ga over Johnny. Mmmm, Johnny.

I have a stamp. It's a pretty nifty stamp. It says "CORRECT ASAP". Heh. I'm correcting saps. Yep, they're all saps. And if they don't correct their timesheets, I shall hit them on the back of the head with a sap and knock them out. What, this amuses me, okay!?

I actually feel okay today, even with only four hours of sleep. Although, I forgot to bring food for lunch, so I don't know how long that will last. Oh well, there's always Taco Bell.
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