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Friday was Anime Club night. And Yay!, oshunanat, silensy, tossblack, and torrye all came with me!!! Well, Carrie met us there, but whatever. Last Exile rocks, but DNAngel is utterly cool! So very very gay, and much love for the pretty boys with wings! I need to see more of this anime.

So, on Friday I ditched work and played hooky with Alseides. We hung out. Bought some books. I bought the issue of GQ Magazine with Johnny Depp on the cover. JOHNNY DEPP OWNS MY SOUL!!! Yeah. And you know what that sneaky, meanie, bad bad bad Alseides did!?! SHE STOLE IT FROM ME!!! And Carrie wouldn't turn around and bring it back to me!!! BAD BAD BAD PEOPLE!!! I want my Johnny Depp back!!! *wails*

In other news, I finally found my Glorfindel story, so I'm going to start typing it up for my goddess Starry-wan. I also hung up all my new prints from Comic Con on my walls. Oh! And I played with my Dollfie. I'll post pictures of her soon. ^_^

Edit: And now I find out that Al has even scanned my magazine in!!! She did! Words cannot express the sheer SNEEKINESS of this!!! Alas, what is a poor Hufflepuff to do when all her friends are Slytherins...

Edit Again: Somehow I totally forgot to talk about my third viewing of Pirates of the Caribbean! We went to this one theater after Anime Club with Dave, but it was scary with the crowds and the gangs and the high people. So we ditched Dave and drove to a better theater. Yay, pirates!
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