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Yo ho!

I am obsessed with pirates.


I saw Pirates of the Caribbean and became totally obsessed with pirates. I read Under A Black Flag by David Cordingly (a very good book, by the way, I highly recommend it) because it was about pirates. I printed out a couple of articles from online sources (one that was over 20 pages long) and read them and HIGHLIGHTED them. I photocopied pages out of a library book about pirates. I have now even bought two books about pirates, one illustrated encyclopedia, and one about female pirates (and I have ordered a couple of other pirate books). I have IDEAS. Many cool ideas that would tie PotC into historical pirates, particularly Calico Jack, for a fanfic. Calico Jack was cool. (I wish I were a history major so I could have an excuse to write a thesis about Calico Jack. Maybe I can tie something about pirates into a psychology paper? Hmm.) Really, I'm doing what amounts to serious academic research on pirates. Because I am obsessed.

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me!

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