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orange sherbet ice cream with chocolate chips is nummy!

Whee~! Hello world, didja miss me!? (yeah yeah, didn't even notice i was gone...)

Busy busy busy! All workee and schoolee make Cloudie go loony!

I have decided that after work and school, I can either have an online social life or an offline social life. Thus, I think that I'm going to ask for reduced hours tomorrow at work as I'm not willing to give up either!

Offline social life has been winning out recently. On Friday, I went to Anime Club with silensy and I got to meet elite_stoat for the first time in Real Life! Yay! She's cool. A lot quieter than I would expect... but really cool! She says I am just like my online personality, I am not mysterious at all. I am too! I'm totally mysterious and alluring! Really! Anyway, after stopping off at the grocery store, silensy and I came back to my house, and then while she played on my computer I went and piced torrye up and we watched From Hell. Yay, Johnny Depp! Then we talked about the British monarchy because a special on Princess Diana wan on until I kicked them out around 4am so I could get three hours of sleep.

After work on Saturday, I did Helpline. Slow night, no bad calls. Fell into bed when I got home.

After work on Sunday, I went to a Dodgers game with Mark. They won! Shut out the Rockies 3-0! Yay! Tried to get online after that, but just HAD to sleep after an hour.

Monday, I met up with oshunanat, silensy, and elite_stoat and we all went and saw Pirates of the Caribbean again! Yay, pirates! Then I went to work. Boo, work.

Today, I just BARELY managed to finish up with the grading papers before I had to hand them back to the students. Whew! Grading papers sucks. Especially after making the SAME DAMN CORRECTIONS twenty times! I got REALLY snarky on the last couple of papers. Heh. So yes, twelve hours of class today. Yay, class? Um. Tired. But! Had not checked email or lj or blurty in DAYS. Is scary, it is. I am so far behind that I feel I shall NEVER catch up.


But! The sci-fi/fantasy section was finally cleaned out and I got a whole lot of cool strips to take home! Yay! Unfortunately, I have no time to read them, but oh well...

Thesis is... erm, still there. Kinda just hanging out. I have a whole journal on 9/11/01 related articles to go through, although most of them are that useful. I've done some statistical stuff already. No significance on the out-group orientation stuff prior, during, and after, pre and post, yet. Hopefully, something will show up in the superordinate identity items. Otherwise, I will have to write a boring paper that says that nothing changed. ;_;

Ohhh, but tomorrow I have my second HF Systems Design class! SUCH A COOL CLASS! We'll be doing actual behavioral engineering!

Re-wrote much of Glorfindel story in I/O class tonight. I'm so naughty. I was writing sex scenes in class! But the prof was going over psych stuff for all the business majors, stuff I already know, so I didn't have to pay attention and it was hot and I was bored. So there!

(Seriously, someone please tell me, are my entries readable? At all? I mean, I know what I'm talking about, but does anyone else?)

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