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like a chicken with it's head cut off

Have to leave for work soon, bah.

Gap of Rohan! Changes! Newness! Eek! (Yay, fast servers. Boo, having to spend hours catching up.)

Movie on Friday with silensy and torrye after Anime Club. The Order (really called Sin-Eater). Very very bad. Delightfully so, in fact. The more I think about it, the more I liked it. Or maybe not. Like spacetart said, it's slashy as hell. And dude, there is SO a Highlander crossover in there somewhere!

Bad day at work yesterday. Fell into bed when I go home. Stress!

Have finished grading papers to hand back to evil leeches students tomorrow, but I have not done my own homework. Wah!

Diet Code Red Mountain Dew sucks. Note to self: Do not go grocery shopping with mum anymore.

Bedroom still in am-cleaning-but-first-have-to-make-it-messier mode left over from last Friday. Must do something about that soon.

Stuff to do now.

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