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Update on Life

I got a pair of LOVELY LotR-RPS Mix CDs from antigone921 that I have been listening to non-stop in my car. Yay, AngstSexLove!

Okay, so Friday I didn't go to the Club (sorry elite_stoat!). I was just mondo busy and I was already having to drive to far away places like Thousand Oaks. And drive there I did. I had LOADS of fun with silensy and torrye. It was torrye's birthday and we saw Once Upon A Time In Mexico. JOHNNY!!! He made the movie. He didn't make it good, but he really did make the movie. His attitude! His t-shirts! His "arm" and his guns and his belt-buckle!!! As stated before, Johnny Depp owns my soul.

After work on Saturday, I went to oshunanat's birthday bash. And guess what, it was also a movie! oshunanat, tossblack, silensy, and I went to see It Came From Outer Space! in 3-D at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. (I would post pictures, but like a total ass, I accidently deleted them. *facepalms*) It was COOL. Ray Bradbury was there. He was COOL!!! Other people say it better, yess, preciousss...

Sunday, I got home from work and slept, like, twelve straight hours.

Monday, I didn't do homework and I went to work.

Today, I am at school! Yay, school! *sighs deeply* Spent the entire three hours of one class going over ONE problem. Yes, it took that long to calculate. And that was only to tell that there WAS an effect on the dependent variable, not whether it was significant or not!!! >:O Yikes. Hand calculations suck, yay for SPSS! Well, I have 30 minutes in which to do the homework for my next class, so I should be doing that now...

However. First, I must talk about my favorite RPG. I <3 GoR. I really really do. (And I would have mocked her. Behind her back, of course, but I SO would have. Hey, I may still!) (Also, watch this space for plottings on how to make Frodo cry. Heh.)

I want a Super Dollfie. Or, you know, a balrog plushie might be nice, too, but... Yeah.
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