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"Then we ask 'em questions like, if somebody got whacked, we say... 'you whack that guy?'"

OMG, you guys have to go watch this vid: RESPECT, by Diana Williams
PLEASE go watch it, it's like, most of my fandoms together and utterly wonderful. Seriously. Spend the time to download it.

Speaking of vids... I wish I could vid. I hear certain songs and I see in my head exactly which shows and scenes would go with them. *sighs*

Also, has anyone made Lord of the Rings vids? Good ones? Any recommendations? Really, I think that LotR vids would be good for my health. CAN'T YOU PEOPLE SEE THAT I'M WASTING AWAY WITHOUT LOTR VIDS!?!?!?! Uh. Yeah.

I also need ice cream right now. I think I shall go get some.

Edited to add: Also, due South vids. Need them, too. Because Mark got me the second season on DVD for Christmas, but I CAN'T SEE IT UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!! So, I need to console myself with good vids. Any recs?

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