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I just got home from work to find a letter from the glorious, wonderfull, amazing mistress-o-mine, themerovingian!!! With pictures! Of cool people! And a cat! And a peacock!(?) I'm sorry that your poor little punk rock heart is broken, Starry-wan. But! You'll always have their music, right!? Don't worry about your handwritting, it's VERY readable compared to the illegible scrawls on a lot of the papers I have to grade. Stay warm!!! *huggles* (PS: No fair, why does tossblack get a note with the meaning of life in it and I don't!?!)


So. On Friday I went to the club, but it sucked, so elite_stoat, oshunanat, and tossblack and I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean again because it was Talk Like A Pirate Day. Yay, pirates!! On Saturday, after work, I took my sisty's brats to a local street carnival. It was okay, but I had to be the adult and just watch them go on the rides instead of join in. Sad. Yesterday, after work, torrye and I went to go see Once Upon A Time In Mexico again. Yay, Johnny!

I have been pondering, and I think that I want to give up playing Rosie Cotton in Gap of Rohan, but I certainly don't want to give her up to Frodo's player. tossblack, do you want to take her on? How about you, silensy? I think that you need some non-evil characters. Um. Yeah, so anyway, after a certain event that Al and I have planned is done, maybe someone would take her off my hands?

I loffs my co-worker, Elizabeth. She bought me a chocolate creme frapaccino today.

I get my results on my Stats exam tomorrow. I'm nervous. I think I did good, but I'm not positive. Here's to hoping! *keeps fingers crossed* Tomorrow is also my first I/O exam. *crosses more fingers* A damn lot of my time is going to be eaten up by running an out-of-class study session for my PSY 401L students, because they have an exam on Thursday. Grr. Also, I have to show my advisor some progress on my thesis. There is no progress. *sighs* She's pushing me to have it done before the WPA and the APA deadlines so I can present it. *headdesk*

At my work, they are considering choosing a book (like Alice in Wonderland or something) and having all the employees dress up like characters from it for Halloween. Not sure how I feel about that. Must put in my two cents on the idea, if I can FIND two cents to rub together, that is.

On a not-unrelated subject, Alseides made the MOST AWESOME WINGS EVER and showed them to me on Friday!!! They are too cool! And I get to wear a set just like them on Halloween! I'm going to be a Summer Fairy. Yay!


"A commonplace life," we say, and we sigh,
But why should we sigh as we say?
The commonplace sun in the commonplace sky
Makes up the commonplace day;
The moon and the stars are commonplace things,
And the flower that blooms, and the bird that sings,
But dark were the world, and sad our lot,
If the flowers failed, and the sun shone not;
And God, who studies each separate soul,
Out of commonplace lives makes His beaubiful whole.

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