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Yesterday, I dressed up really cute (pig-tails and my new Mary Janes) and went to a store called Sanrio Surprises with a friend. We went to buy Neopets stuff. And we did. I almost overdosed on all the cuteness (and the Hello Kitty-pinkness) but I made it. And now I own a Chia plushie, and a Neopet charm bracelet, and stickers.

Then we walked around the Northridge Fashion Center, which is a pretty cool mall. I bought See's candy. Yummmmmmm....

Next we went to Aaardvark's Odd Ark, a vintage clothing shop, to look for costuming material for cosplaying. Didn't find anything appropriate, but I did buy a really cool tye-died shirt with incredible embrodiary on it. Very 60's-ish.

It was dubious honor to babysit my neice and nephew. They insisted I actually make them food (spaghetti) rather than just order pizza, but after dinner I managed to distract them with Neopets. Mike got a second pet (his username is sunman3000, if anyone cares). I didn't get home until 1 in the morning.

Today my research group met, and then I went to the SI session. Then I settled in to read the first half of Mercedes Lackey's new Valdemar novel, "Take A Thief".

And that was my weekend.
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