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Shucks, someone has already written a Lord of the Rings/Sherlock Holmes crossover! However, they set it in the Sherlock Holmes universe with touches of Middle-earth... I could throw Holmes and Watson down in the Third Age! Yeah! Along with Merredith Suzanne Watson, John's adopted sister who is really the half-elf, half-wizard descendant of Eowyn, who has flowing black hair and gorgeous green eyes and can fight better than any man and is as good a detective as Sherlock Holmes, and who happens to win the heart of Legolas... *giggles*

Sorry. Heh.

Someday, I really must write a Mary Sue fic. Really, I must. I have all SORTS of ideas. *snerk*

And OMG, Sherlock Holmes with the One Ring is a VERY BAD IDEA. Very bad. 'Cause dude, he uses it like a cell phone, and if cell phones had appeared in our world a century early, I don't think any of would be around today because the world would have ended, except that it wouldn't, because Captain Janeway -- who's really an Immortal, complete with sword, didn't you know? -- would swoop back through time and space to save the planet from the Goa'uld. Sauron was really a Goa'uld. Yes.

(Can you tell that I've been reading really really bad crossover fanfics?)

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