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Surreal, much?

I cannot figure it. That entry was locked an poster is not on my Friends list. I cannot reply to post, as LJ says no such entry exists. I know not this personage.

I am puzzled.

Edited: And now it says I have 2 comments, but I can only see the one! Is LJ being weird for anyone else?

Edited: Because I do try not to spam.

CAN'T sleep, the Tiki Room: player. You'll always have. What it. Cloudie has not already written paper for Christmas! Drow elf: porno homework for my first I am really I didn't do a letter movie; with the Mock I really I would post I paper: new icon?

Commentary: This is like the fluid weirdness of my head. Stream-of-consciousness stuff here.

Sadly, he torrye, everyone. Any recommendations? CAN'T sleep, the one class going to grade. Cloudie is broken (as sad). CAN'T sleep, the movie.

Commentary: True. All of it. I need to sleep. Yet I am still on my computer, futzing around. Am I broken?

I would have definite IDEAS about my new icon? Today, in DAYS. I am A few minutes in class, rather racy ones. Of the Valley is Also, watch this the balrogs will get Me: a movie with and working on the A me; to describe every person ever want to do will get to you, by her. And just joking!

Commentary: Nifty! I just like this one, dunno why. ^_^

Hand calculations suck, yay, Johnny! How to sleep, the balrogs will get me a gnome. Cloudie has the largest collection of the sun. I Mark are due next class, going over, I'm going over, I'm sorry that Al And working on Saturday, I also due: next class going to quit laughing before you think I quit laughing before, you are due; next class rather racy ones. Sunday, I really, I could!

Commentary: The best one yet! Yes, the balrogs will get me a gnome and I collect the sun. I keep trying to quit laughing. And I really really could, on Sunday!

I'm silly, because I get me. I am really do You Should You and Look, there. DESSF! I got me. I and tossblack and of life in D at maybe; someone just I did also, has not on an poster is a movie with everyone on Thesis my head exactly which is one, though in Marcialla, Italy.

Commentary: This one is rather philosophical, don't you think?

Endless seconds of fun!

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