The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

I came from brillancy And return to brillancy. What is this? Kaa!

So, apparently, while I was at home being VERY VERY SICK on Sunday, silensy and torrye went to see Kill Bill and went to my place of employment to talk to my favorite co-worker, Elizabeth. Elizabeth rocks. As she was straightening after close that night, she called me. We discussed how nutty my friends are. ^_^ Also, the next day, silensy left a hilarious message on my voicemail talking about their conversation with Elizabeth. Dude. You people. Having all the fun without me! *giggles*

I met elite_stoat for dinner today. Lovely chica. I just wanna huggle and snuggle her to death, yes I do! Also, I gave her money so she can buy me porn.

I want doujinshis! Of? ^_^
In no particular order:
Harry/Ron, Ron/Snape, or Harry/Snape - Harry Potter
Takumi/Keisuke - Initial D
Tsuzuki/Hisoka - Yami no Matsuei (Descendants of Darkness)</i>
ANYTHING Lord of the Rings (bonus points for Glorfindel)
Setsuna/Kira - Angel Sanctuary
Yuki/Kyou or Kyou/Hatsuharu or Shigure/Hatori or Arisa/Saki - Fruits Basket
Or, anything that you find that is pretty that you think that I might like. Maybe even TWO pretty things... *sparkles*

Today, since my I/O class has this 15 minute break in the middle of it, I started writing another story... about Glorfindel. *facepalms* No, it is not part of the Historie. So, like, for some reason, I just really seem to like Glorfy. inkwraith saw in my notebook the many random times I wrote "Glorfindel" in the margins of my notes and she drew little hearts around the name for me. Um. Heh? I'm not obsessed. Erm. No.

I sent of things to people. Did people get them? Tell me if you got them!

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