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Joo r naught wery.

Warren Ellis is god. Really.

The high school I live five blocks away from is having a football game. I know this because I can hear EVERYTHING. I think I can even hear the people fucking behind the bleachers. It's loud enough to wake the dead! (Note: Not really, as nothing is stirring in the grave yard across the street.) I'm usually at Anime Club on Fridays, so I don't have to put up with it a lot, but ugh.

I spent the entire day at work re-stickering. Corporate has come out with new stickers. Oh, and a new computer system. They are EVIL, evil!

Tomorrow, I have Helpline again. *sighs* DON'T WANNA DON'T WANNA YOU CAN'T MAKE ME GO!!! Unfortunately, my over-developed sense of duty will make me go. Sucks.

Please, people, I need distractors! Links to good Sherlock Holmes or Lord of the Rings fanfic are welcome! Good vid recs are welcome, too! Please please please please!!!!!

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