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this is a whining entry. you have been warned.

I should be happy. After massaging the data enough, I finally found something of interest for my thesis idea (you know, the 9/11 thing that I've talked about before? I got some interesting results on the affective bias scale for the Fall 2001 semester). It's actually really interesting data. I'll be excited later, probably, it's just that right now I'm apathetic and starting to feel burned out.

I've been offered a job that pays more than my current job (A LOT more), but it would only be 20 hours a week and it would be more *shudders* TEACHING. Ugh. (Is it really insane of me to consider trying to retain two jobs again PLUS going to school at the same time? I already work 34 hours a week and I'm taking 19 units... I don't think there are that many hours for me to work with here...)

Also, I promised to have the papers all ready to be passed back to the students tomorrow, but eh, whatever. Look, I made them a study sheet and I've been helping them design their projects and I've even done tutoring -- what more do they need!?!

I just want to sit at home and download scanlations and read fanfic and play with my dollfie...
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