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GoR, Ace of Base, Nesanica

I just made a rather Middle-earth-shattering post to Gap of Rohan and now I'm all nervous. I asked all of the major participants in this little sub-drama if it was okay. (It is okay, right madame_muppet? I mean, you said I could "solve" the murder, right?) (And inkwraith, I didn't think you'd mind that I'm implicating Grima... silensy has agreed. We can deploy H.A.D. now...) *bites nails nervously*

In other news, my school library did it's utmost to frustrate me today, but I managed to wring two usable articles out of it, so ha! Of course, it took me two hours to do so...

I also bought five pairs of shoes today. What!? *defensive* They were reasonable! Payless is having a sale! And my work shoes fell apart on my last shift. I had to hold them on with rubberbands and all of my co-workers were laughing at me. So, I needed new shoes. And now I have a bunch of shoes in different colors (yes, it's very shocking, I actually have shoes now that AREN'T black) that are comfortable.

I have been listening to Ace of Base. During the summer between sixth and seventh grade, I played Ace of Base obsessively. See, in seventh grade I was going to be in a new school and I was going to be in Dance. So, I would dance around our living room (after putting away my bed, of course) and make up "dance routines" to Ace of Base. Sadly, I never got to perform them. Anyway, yeah...

Wheel of Fortune - Ace of Base

I have the bestest mommy in the whole wide world. My mum rocks Mordor, man!

Isn't it cool! I still love the purple one inkwraith made for her, but it seems to be a fancy one to me. This one is "around the house" wear. *beams*

Hmm, I should go to sleep now.

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