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Halloween and Las Vegas

My dollfie still hasn't arrived. ;_;

Halloween was in turns fun and discouraging. I had to go to work, but people brought in candy. I had to stay the full time, but silensy and torrye came in and made my last hour fun. silensy became a pirate before my very eyes, right there in the Cookbooks section! She makes a very good pirate. Only got one good picture of her, though. Grr.

It rained.

So, we went to inkwraith's house and met up with her and oshunanat and elite_stoat and then we set out on a long and scary trek to West Hollywood. In the rain. The Santa Moica Carnival was fun, but it rained. Rain = bad. We were soaked and cold, so we came home early.

Since it was raining, we decided to go to Las Vegas! There was a little more logic to that, but basically, yeah, spur-of-the-moment, Las Vegas here we come!

So, oshunanat and silensy and I went to Las Vegas. We hung out at the Comic Con and met nifty people and drank and gambled and crashed in the hotel room of these two spiffy guys (I <3 Omar and Todd) and I slept in the closet and called in sick to work and then we came home yesterday.

Total miles I drove since Friday: 750.


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