The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

But WHY is the rum gone?

Almost any of these would be perfect for use in a Pirates of the Caribbean story.


Some 18th century slang definitions, using the term rum:

rum beck - a justice of the peace
rum bite - a clever cheat
rum bleating cheat - a fat wether sheep
rum blowen - a handsome wench
rum bluffer - a jolly host
rum bob - a young apprentice
rum boozing welts - bunches of grapes
rum bubber - a dexterous fellow at stealing silver tankards from taverns
rum bugher - a valuable dog
rum bung - a full purse
rum chub - among butchers, a custom easily imposed on, as to the quality and price of meat
rum chant - a song
rum clout / wiper - a fine silk or cambric handkerchief
rum cod - a purse of gold
rum cole / ghelt - new money or medals
rum cove - a clever rogue
rum degen / tilter / tol - a fine sword
rum dell / doxy - a fine wench
rum diver / dubber / file - an expert pickpocket
rum drawers - silk stockings
rum duke - an odd eccentric fellow
rum gaggers - cheats who tell wonderful stories of their sufferings at sea, or when taken by the Algerines
rum glymmer - king of the link-boys
rum kicks - breeches of gold or silver brocade
rum mawnd - one that counterfeits a fool
rum mort - a queen or great lady
rum nab - a good hat
rum nantz - good French brandy
rum ned - a very rich silly fellow
rum pad - the highway
rum padders - highwaymen well mounted and armed
rum peepers - fine looking-glasses
rum prancer - a fine horse
rum quids - a great booty
rum ruff peck - Westphalia ham
rum snith - a smart fillip on the nose
rum squeeze - much wine, or good liquor, given among fiddlers
rum topping - a rich commode or women’s head-dress
rum ville - London

Source: As you can see, in ‘cant’ (common or criminal slang) rum meant fine, remarkable or great. Mostly from Grose’s Dictionary (1785 / 1811).

posted by Roddy Lumsden

As a little girl, I used to drink "rum punch." It was juice, usually grape and/or cranberry, mixed with a clear lemon-lime soda like Slice or Sprite. Sometimes, I drank it with crushed chewable vitamin C tablets mixed in it, too, to give it that extra zing. It was very good.

I miss rum punch. I miss childhood. But hey, I'm making up for it! I spent at least an hour today playing with dolls. ^_^

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