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I have been walking around out-of-sorts all day. I do not know if it's from post-GoR depression, general burnout, or something else. *props up head on desk wearily*

silensy!!! Those links! To the wigs you can get for Dollfie Plus! Go here and the linked pictures under "Dollar fee plus private wig" (ahh, Babelfished-English...). You can also find the eyes on that site. There are less options for 8mm doll eyes (the size that fits Dollfie Plus) from Volks, but different eyes can be found elsewhere. Glastic eyes seem to be popular. Anywho, choose what wig and eye you want (and think about whether you want the same skin color as my dollfies or the darker option) and then call Doll & Hobby Shop and order! You won't regret it!

Also, today, inkwraith and I made a pact: If, one year from today, we still do not have Super Dollfies... we will reevaluate our lives and find the wherewithal to GET THEM.

I think it would rock to have one of these t-shirts. Heh.

I am upset because I can't find some old audio cassette tapes that I used to have. One is a tape I got when I went to see the Divine Mother Amma speak. It was a tape full of hymns praising her. I loved it. Where is my tape? Also, I have lost my tape of goddess songs. And yet, I still have my George Michael tape. The world is a cruel, cruel place. ;_;

My Ammachi,
I know you will always be
Forever close to me
In your sweet, sweet way...

Now I know, now I know your love...
And a new day has begun.

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