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Random List of Demons

Abigor - A demon of high degree, the grand duke of hell. Sixty legions are under his command. He reveals himself as a handsome rider bearing a lace, a standard or a scepter. He knows all the secrets of war, foresees the future, and teaches leaders how to win the love of their soldiers.

Adrammelech - Grand chancellor of hell, superintendent of the wardrobe of the ruler of demons, and president of the high council of devils. He was worshiped at Sepharvahim, an Assyrian city, where children were burned on altars. The rabbis say that he reveals himself in the shape of a mule, and sometimes in the shape of a peacock.

Amduscias - Grand duke of hell. He has the shape of a unicorn, but when called forth he reveals himself in the shape of a man. When commanded to do so, he gives concerts; though he is not seen on such occasions, one hears the sound of trumpets and of other musical instruments. Trees sway to the sound of his voice. He commands twenty-nine legions.

Andras - Grand marquis of hell. He appears to have the body of an angel and the head of a wood owl, and to be riding a black wolf and carrying in his hand a pointed saber. He teaches those whom he favors to kill their enemies, masters and servants. He stirs up trouble and dissension. He commands thirty legions.

Astaroth - Powerful grand duke in hell. He has the face of an ugly angel and is seen riding on an infernal dragon, holding a viper in his left hand. Some magicians say that he holds sway in the West, that he solicits the friendship of great noblemen, and that he must be summoned on Wednesday. The Sidonians and the Philistians worship him. He is said to be the treasurer in hell. Wierus states that he knows both the past and the future, that he freely answers questions about the most occult matters, and that it is easy to make him talk about creation, the misdeeds and the fall of the angels . . . but that in his conversations he maintains that he himself was unjustly punished. . . . He is cited as one of the seven princes of hell who, according to the English tradition, visited Faust.

Bael - Demon named in The Great Book of Spells as the head of the powers of evil. He is also named first in Wierus' inventory in his famous Pseudomonarchia doemonum. Wierus calls Bael the first king in hell; his states are in the eastern part of hell. He has three heads, of which one is shaped like a frog, another like a man, and the third like a cat. His voice is harsh, but he is a good fighter. Those who invoke him are made alert and cunning, and are taught the means of making themselves invisible when necessary. Seventy legions are under his command.

Belphegor - Demon of ingenious discoveries and inventions. He often assumes the shape of a young woman. He distributes wealth. The Moabites, who call him Baalphegor, worshiped him on Mt. Peor. Some rabbis say that he was paid homage on the commode, and that he was offered the filthy remnants from the digestive tract. . . . Selden, quoted by Banier, holds that he was offered human victims whose flesh was eaten by his priests. Wierus observes that the demon Belphegor always has his mouth open . . . because he was sometimes worshiped in caverns, where offerings were thrown down to him through on opening.

Beyrevra - Indian demon, master of souls that roam through space after being changed into airy demons. He is said to have huge crooked nails. Brahma insulted a superior god one day, and Beyrevra, whose task it was to punish him, cut off a head with his nail. Brahma, humiliated, begged for a pardon and the god Eswara to console him promised that he would receive just as much respect with his four remaining heads as he had previously with five.

Cali - Queen of demons and sultaness. She was completely black and wore a necklace fashioned from golden skulls. In times past she was offered human victims.

Caym - Demon belonging to a higher order, grand master of hell. He generally reveals himself as a blackbird. When he appears in human shape . . . he carries a tapered saber. He is said to be the cleverest sophist in hell and can, through the astuteness of his arguments, make the most skilled logician despair. Luther had a famous encounter with Caym and has provided us with the details. Caym understands the songs of birds, the bellowing of oxen, the barking of dogs and the sound of the waves. He knows the future. At times he has revealed himself as a man adorned by a tuft and a peacock's tail. This demon, who was once numbered among the angels, has at his command thirty legions in hell.

Demoniacs - A demoniac is one possessed by an evil spirit. The people whom the devil has chosen to use as his abode suffer varying degrees of torment, depending on the phase of the moon. The historian Joseph says that it is not a demon but the soul of a wicked person that penetrates the body of the one possessed and torments him. The Jews used roots and incantations to expel the devil. . . . There were several ways of determining that a person was a demoniac . . . including facial swelling, grimaces, insensitivity and leprosy, immobility, twitchings of the stomach, staring, French answers to Latin questions, and the absence of bleeding from cuts.

Deumus or Deumo - Divinity of the inhabitants of Calicut in Malabar. He is really only a devil worshiped under the name of Deumus. He has a crown, four horns on his head, and four crooked teeth in his mouth, which is enormous. He has a sharp, crooked nose, feet like those of a rooster, and holds in his claws a soul that he seems to be about to devour.

Devil - Name given to demons in general. It comes from a Greek word that designates Satan, "one fallen from heaven." In all countries the devil is popularly represented as a black monster; Negroes depict him as being white. In Japan the Shintoists are convinced that the devil is none other than the fox. They exorcize this animal as an evil spirit. In Africa the devil is generally respected. The Negroes along the Gold Coast never forget, before taking a meal, to throw a piece of bread on the ground for the evil spirit. . . . The inhabitants of the Philippines boast of conversing with the devil. They relate that some of them tried to speak alone with him and were killed by the wicked spirit; that is why they gather in great crowds when they wish to converse with the devil.

Eurynome - Demon belonging to a higher order, prince of death, according to some demonologists. He has enormous, long teeth, a hideous body covered with sores, and a fox-skin clothing. He was known to the pagans. Pausanias says that he feeds on the corpses of the dead. There was in the temple at Delphi a statue showing him with a dark skin and the huge teeth of a famished wolf; he was sitting on the skin of a vulture.

Flauros - Grand general of hell. He appears in the shape of a terrible leopard. When he assumes a human shape, he has a frightful face and blood-red eyes. He knows the past, the present and the future. He incites demons or spirits against his enemies the exorcists, and he commands twenty legions.

Forcas, Forras or Furcas - Knight and grand president of hell. He appears in the shape of a strong man with a long beard and white hair. He is mounted on a big horse and holds a sharp spear in his hand. He knows the properties of herbs and precious stones, and he teaches logic, esthetics, chiromancy, pyromancy and rhetoric. He can make a man invisible, inventive, and adept in the use of words. He can locate lost objects and discover hidden treasure. He has at his command twenty-nine legions of demons.

Incubuses - Lewd, lecherous demons that bother women and girls. Servius Tullius, a Roman king, was the offspring of a beautiful slave and Vulcan, according to some authors; according to other of the cabbalists, however, he was fathered by a salamander; and according to demonographers, he was the offspring of an incubus. . . . A Scottish girl was impregnated by the devil. Her parents asked her who had made her pregnant, and she replied that the devil slept with her every night, in the shape of a handsome youth. The parents slipped into her room by night . . . and saw beside her a horrible monster. The priest was called in to expel the monster, but as he escaped, he made a frightful noise, burned the furniture in the room, and carried away the roof of the house. Three days later the girl gave birth to a monster, the vilest one imaginable, and the midwives strangled it to death.

Leshies - A sylvan spirit or wood demon in Russian folklore. The Russians depict leshies as having a human body from the head to the waist, and the ears and beard of a goat; and, from the waist down, the body of a he-goat. When they walk in the fields, they shrink to the height of the grass, but when they run through the forests, they are as tall as the highest trees. Their screams are terrifying. They . . . mislead strollers by imitation the voice of an acquaintance, take them to their caves, and tickle them until they die.

Malphas - Grand president of hell, who appears in the shape of a crow. When he appears as a human being, his voice sounds hoarse. He builds impregnable fortresses and towers, tears down the ramparts of his enemies, provides good workmen, makes available familiar spirits, receives sacrifices, double-crosses those who offer him sacrifices. He commands forty legions.

Melchom - Demon who carries the purse. He is the paymaster for all the public employees in hell.

Pipi - Witch who serves as cup-bearer at the sabbat. She pours drinks at mealtime not only for the king of hell but also for his officers and his disciples, who are sorcerers and magicians.

Pruflas or Busas - Grand prince and grand duke of the infernal empire. He reigned in Babylonia, where he had the head of an owl. He stirs up strife, starts wars, initiates quarrels and reduces people to mendacity. He gives lengthy answers to all sorts of questions. He has at his command twenty-six legions.

Ronwe - Marquis and count of hell. He appears in the shape of a monster. He provides his adepts with knowledge of languages and with the goodwill of everyone. Nineteen infernal cohorts are under his orders.

Stolas - Grand prince of hell. He appears in the shape of an owl. When he assumes the shape of a man and appears before exorcists, he teaches astronomy, prophecy based on the study of plants, and the value of precious stones. Twenty-six legions look upon him as their general.

Succubuses - Demons who assume the shapes of women and seek out men. A very handsome young man was tormented every night by a female demon who came through his closed door and appeared at his bedside in the shape of a charming girl. He complained to his bishop, who made him fast, pray and go to confession. The beauty from hell ceased to torment him. St. Jerome tells of another Dulcinea from the dark empire . . . who tempted a bachelor. She had already raised goose pimples on him, and he was on the point of taking full advantage of his good fortune when she suddenly escaped from his arms. . . .

Ukobach - Demon belonging to a lower order. He always appears with an inflamed body. He is said to be the inventor of fireworks and the art of frying foods. Beelzebub had assigned to him the task of keeping oil in the infernal cauldrons.

Xaphan - Demon belonging to a lower order. When Satan and his angels revolted against God, Xaphan joined their ranks and was welcomed by them, for he had an inventive mind. He suggested that the rebels set fire to heaven, but he was hurled with the others to the bottom of the abyss, where he is forever engaged in fanning the embers in the furnaces. . . . He has as his emblem a pair of bellows.

Yan-Gant-Y-Tan - A demon who roams by night in Finistere. He carries five candles on his five fingers and can spin around as quickly as a reel. The people of Brittany think that the sight of Yan-Gant-Y-Tan is a bad omen.

Zozo - Demon who, along with Mimi and Crapoulet, bewitched a young girl in the town of Teilly, in Picardy, in 1816. When she walked on all fours, Zozo was right behind her.

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