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tired now

Got up at 5:30am today and was STILL almost late to work. *rolls eyes* Anyway, 6:30 All Hands meeting was actually fun. I asked questions. Yay! Then (dum dum DUM!) RAY BRADBURY! Very cool, he is. I missed some of his coolness, as I was working the line, directing people, doing crowd control, passing out the event guidelines, dealing with the media, asking people if they wanted to write questions to him... But yes, the distinguished genetleman was very cool. Tsarina and Wiloe showed up and played Uno with Elizabeth and one of the store managers while sitting in line. I had to shush them all a couple of times! Ha! Ummmm. Mister Bradbury said cool things, as usual, and told very neat stories. Damn, wish I could remember it all. Anyway, I was too busy to take any of my breaks, so I basically stood for, eh, something like five hours straight -- and boy am I feeling it!

Also, the guy Elizabeth is trying to set me up with came to the event. I basically told him to stand back. I was telling everyone that! I was doing crowd control! There were unruly children! And, um, he was very short. Way shorter than I am. And had this... afro...thing... for hair. Yeah. :-/ *hides*

Came home to find that Mark bought this ENTIRELY, OBSCENELY, EXCESSIVE big-screen television. Dude. Guy's a gadget freak, what can I say? But! Whoa. Watched Matrix 2 and LotR:TTT EE on it. WOW! Better than a theater, actually. Excessive, but yet, very cool. I am torn. We may decide against it, but wow. Er. (Re: TTT - OMG, OMG, so cool! <3<3<3)

I have been contemplating my stacks of anime and trying to decide what to watch. See, this is why I never get around to watching anime at home -- too many choices, too hard to get to stuff. And lets face it, too lazy.

Lately I have noticed a disturbing personality trend popping up in myself. I have started acting more... um, not precisely girly, but more... like a little girl. Performing "cute". Especially at work and school I am all Miss Perky. Why? Its not really who I think of myself being, and yet I am this person effortlessly. Is this hiding some deep, fundamental insecurity? Am I so desperate for people to like me or for people to notice me that I act all cute and girlish? Its just... weird. I dunno, maybe I'm just blowing smoke out my ass. Whatever.

Also, have made more sheep icons and feel the need to showcase them.

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