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I kinda feel that I should update.

Yet I know not what I should update with.


Nesanica is the sweetest little dollfie ever!

Yes, yes she is.

Eek! Giant Hands of Doom are threatening her! (Heh. They're silensy's hands.)

Nesanica was flying about one day...

When she saw Princess Ginger and Snovi the Nymph talking. She listened to their conversation. Naughty fairy!

They were going on a quest! Nesanica decided that they needed a fairy along, too. After some argument, Princess Ginger and Snovi the Nymph agreed.

They each had weapons given to them to complete their quest. Princess Ginger was given a bottle of poison. Snovi the Nymph was given an axe (much to her dismay).

For Nesanica...

...a magical sword.

It turned out that Snovi the Nymph was really a Princess, too!

Princess Ginger and Nesanica vowed to help her save her kingdom.

...And that's just what they did.

The End.



(Pictures are of my two dollfies, Nesanica and Snovi, and inkwraith's dollfie, Ginger.)

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