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I talked to my father on the phone. I fear the final tear in our relationship is going to be coming soon, for I will not do what he wants me to do, and he is threatening to wash his hands of me (again). I am dreading meeting up with him in the near future.

Friday at work I dropped a big huge metal sign on my foot. And some books. My foot is black and blue and bloody. I don't think I broke anything, though. It is just swollen and hurting. Not broken.

Friday night was fun with the anime and the RPGing! Yay! The friends test post was all about ME (and the others, too, so don't worry about scoring badly on it). Heh.

At work on Saturday, I drove myself and three other employees into the Valley to cover the Encino store. It was a very dead store. Seriously. There were whole 15 minute periods where there was no one in line! OMG! And then we trekked back to our store to clock out and couldn't even find parking or walk to the timeclock without being accosted by customers demanding that we help them! SO DIFFERENT! My store is like, the customers-on-crack store or something.

Yesterday was also insanely busy. I mean, DUDE, we had FOUR people working info (it is usually just me in the mornings and another person that comes in at noon) and we were STILL busy. The holidays are scary. (I came home and went to sleep and slept like, 14 hours or something. I feel all fuzzy now.)

I am waiting for Mark to call me so I can go pick him up, la la la la la la la.
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