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Barnes & Noble

So, last night I went over to silensy's house to visit with her and torrye and watch Camelot, but we instead ended up watching Run Lola Run, them for the first time ever and me for the second time that evening. I like that movie. ^_^

Anyway, one of our multitude of topics of conversation was how Barnes & Noble employees are snooty. Yes, yes we are. We are snooty because most customers seem to think that we're morons and don't know anything about books and it's okay for them to wipe their feet on our backs, metaphorically speaking. Seriously, the people who want to work for an infinitesimal wage at some place just because it's a bookstore have read lots and lots of books and know all sorts of literary shit. They are generally educated and intelligent, too. We know our shit, people, we are not plebes or morons. And yet. And yet customers treat us that way.

Last night and today I wrote a 22 page paper on the problems in the Barnes & Noble system, specifically the problem of finding books and in ordering. I analyzed these problems using Human Factors principles and suggested several solutions to minimize them. However, what I think the major problem is the basic lack of courtesy and respect for the fine employees of B&N. If the customers gave us respect, then we would do the same for them.

So. Are we snooty? Yes, because it's the only way to protect ourselves from the vile filth of human, that wretched mass that screws up and defiles our bookstore every day. Yes. Yes!

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