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I now have a way to tape programs directly into .mpeg files (and then convert them to .avi files) on my computer, so I have been going wild. I am taping Joan of Arcadia for silensy and something(?) for elite_stoat and stuff for myself, too! MacGyver. M*A*S*H. Yes, I'm a dork. If they would ever show Emergency!, I would tape that, too! I loved that show. I used to watch it every day when I got home from school. Ooooh, and I'd love to tape Wiseguy, too. Heh.

I am still sick. It still sucks.

But! I got letters today! Many many letters, the highlight being a letter from Starry-wan!!! THANK YOU, STARRY-WAN!!!


ETA: Reading my Friends list has also reminded me to start taping Highlander! Oooooh, and maybe Sentinel, too. And Stargate SG-1!!! I'm not going overboard with this, am I?
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