The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight


Yay!! silensy and I won our auctions for the Dollfie Plus-2 bodies! She got the A type and I got the S type!!! Woo hoo! And I'm expecting the red eyes that I ordered from Doll & Hobby to come in some time mid January! Now I need to think about hair... And a name....

WHEE!!!! *giggles*


I haven't checked my e-mail in, like, a week or so. I think that I have e-mailophobia. *hangs head* Sad. Very sad.

Also, nobody is getting Christmas presents or cards for me! This is because I'm lazy. Instead, people are getting Random Day presents and cards. *nods* Random Day is better than Christmas, anyway, because it doesn't have all the hype and it's unexpected and stuff. Really!

So, busiest shopping day of the year today, supposedly. Work wasn't too bad, although by the last hour of my shift I REALLY wanted to go home. I think I would have actually been okay if I hadn't been sick. But EVERYONE is sick! Literally every employee at my store is recovering from a cold, has a cold, or is coming down with a cold/the flu. Yick. It's kinda funny, though, because now we this trading circle for cough drops... Oh, and today was our Christmas lunch, which meant that we got donuts and subs and soda! Yay!
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