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Of good things and bad things, of loot and longing, of many many things... and of rain

Into my mind has come something of wonder, something which I have not the words to describe. I know the genesis of this thought, this... STORY, but I don't know where it goes or how to proceed getting it out.

You see, I have a story idea. An idea that is just begging to get out, to spill out through my fingers, forming words, a story. However, the story is so, well, so ODD, that I know not how to begin.



You see, some days ago, at my store, the boss decided it was time to take down our upstairs LotR display and move everything downstairs. This also meant throwing away part of the display. She said I could have it. So... I took it. And I took it home early, for that day she also sent me home because I was very sick. Perhaps it is this combination -- the display and my fever dreams -- that have cause this story to come into being. It infects my brain. You see, I now have large cardboard posters of Galadriel and Theoden starring at me. I keep looking at them. I can feel the weight of their eyes on me....


Anyway, yes, this story seems to want to be born... who am I to deny it...?

Today, it rained.

Merry Christmas!

And now, a listing of my loot, as it seems to be the chic thing to do on this day:

From my grandmama: Hidden Warrior by Lynn Flewelling, A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin, and Magic Steps and Street Magic by Tamora Pierce.

From my sisty: Shield of Three Lions by Pamela Kaufman and A College of Magics by Caroline Stevermer, along with a nifty yellow book-carrying case.

From my Not-So-Secret-Santa Daniel: For Us, the Living: A Comedy of Customs by Robert A. Heinlein and Demon Diary Volume 4.

From Mark: Due South Season Two DVD!!!

From Casey: a fairy diary

From oshunanat: Why Girls are Weird by Pamela Ribon

From inkwraith: Pirates! by Celia Rees and the bestest, coolest, spiffiest, most WONDERFUL set of hand-made Dollfie clothes EVER!!!!!!

From my aunt: soap, something called an "herbal relief pillow" and a gift card to Barnes & Noble

From my mum: five shirts, a nightgown, and a nifty bra, plus more soap, Barbie-princess clothes for my Dollfies, a Hello Kitty plushie, a greeting card-making kit, and a little Hello Kitty toy thingee

From Matt: a $25 gift certificate to

From Sha: A glass oil lamp.

Yay, cool, I got good loot!!!

It rained a lot.

So anyway, today wasn't just Christmas Day, today was also Lord of the Rings Day.


See, what you have to understand is that I had no choice about being a big geek. I am second generation geek, on both sides! From my mother, for the LotR stuff. As I was growing up, she had a map of Middle-earth hanging on her bedroom wall. Seriously. She still has it! It is still up, right over her sewing table! So, while I got the LotR chess set, she got LotR Risk and LotR Trivial Pursuit. So, we sat around as a family playing LotR games. ^_^ Yes, my family is weird.

Viva la Geekdom!


There was drama, as Casey said, but when isn't there at a family gathering? I only had to hide a few times, though. My sisty said that dad dropped by to see her, told her to tell me that he didn't mean our last conversation to sound as bad as it had. Then, he called tonight. Our conversation was... awkard. Um. Yeah.

Oh well, in other news, my meeting with my advisor two days ago went okay, and I will probably be able to get the funding I need for graduate school because of my grades and my ethnic standing. Work is fine, though I fear the crowds tomorrow at the after-Christmas sale. Last night, we closed early and had pizza while cleaning up and it was fun. I really do like my job.

So, who wants to come over to my house to watch anime tomorrow?

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