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More with the presents!!!

And I'm STILL getting presents, folks! Cool. ^_^

From snaples: This icon! It's Ray Kowalski! SO COOL!!!

From zortified: A 10% off coupon for the Starsky & Hutch boxset DVD! Must go buy that now...

From antigone921: A card and some mix CDs! yay!

From my research advisor: A student membership to SPSSI.

From inkwraith: Two more months of Paid Account and two months of Extra Userpics! Yay!!!

From themerovingian: A nifty letter with all the latest skinny on the happenings in Australia, PLUS a series of excellent post cards that make me want to move to Adelaide. *hugs* Rock! (I will give elite_stoat her card from you next time I see her, Starry-wan.)

From guingel: A package! Woo hoo! A very WONDERFUL package! The Fifth Elephant, Men at Arms, The Truth, and Wyrd Sisters, all by Terry Pratchett!!! Yay! And no, I didn't already have them, thank you Laura!!!!! *glomps* guingel also sent me THE cutest dolls that her mother made!!! Laura, your mother ROCKS! I love them! I love them so much I may not let inkwraith have one! (We picked; hers is the brown haired one and mine is the black haired one, but she forgot to take hers home with her, so I think that I should keep it! Heheheheh.)

Also, this isn't exactly a present, but I got a promotion at work and now I'm a Lead. Cool, wot wot!
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