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Do bloggers dream of virtual sheep?

Okay, have managed to catch up on email and friends list! Woo hoo!

I want this dollfie. She is very nice and pretty inexpensive (so far). I may have to get an ebay account and paypal soon. *sigh* Yeah. (Also, I have contacted Liria about the Soo Special and the Shiwoo Elf Version dolls from Luts Cerberus Project. I am insane, yes, why do you ask?)

I saw RotK again yesterday! Yay! Still a good movie. Also did Helpline and watched Bend it Like Beckham with silensy and torrye. Fun! Well, the movie watching was fun, not so much with the Helpline.

I am excited about RPGness! Yay!

I have to get up at 6am to go to work tomorrow. Boo. But afterwards I am going to go and see inkwraith and hang out! Yay! I am also going to see my father. Boo. But, he seems to actually be a bit proud of me over my promotion. yay!

Okay okay okay.

I am sad that Season 3 of Due South has been delayed indefinately. Sad! I want Kowalski! I like Vecchio just fine, but I want Kowalski!

I am doing laundry.

That is all.

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