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silensy, in case you are wondering where your watch is, you left it at my house Friday night.

Anyway, YAY!!! New Dollfie! She is an Excellent Base Model Beauty S-Type Dollfie Plus 2! She comes with ankle extenders to make her taller and extra swivel joints above her elbows! I really like her. Her hands are made of something different from the rest of her body, so they feel more fleshlike. Her head is much easier to work with than the original Dollfie Plus heads (that Nesanica and Snovi have), although it has less vertical mobility. Her knees are nicer looking, although her feet are awfully small. Yay, dollfie!

I have no eyes, hair, or even really clothes for her yet (she is thinner than Snovi and Nesanica! Like OMG, she's totally anorexic!), so she looks... incomplete. But. Yes.

Her name is Mora. ^_^

Look, she stands up on her own!!!!

Mora is a little embarassed about her nudity. And, you know, her lack of eyes and hair.

Nesanica tries to comfort her.

Snovi also tries to comfort her, but Mora is still dejected.

She is now sitting on my bookshelf, looking at me.


So, um, yeah. inkwraith, when are you doing that order again? And I really want Doll&Hobby to send me the eyes I ordered...

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