The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

Today at work some guy asked me if we could search for a book by the name of a CHARACTER in the book, not by title or author. I said "uh... well, we can try" so he said "Sonja Blue" and I said "Nancy A. Collins" without even blinking (or having to search in the computer) and my, was HE impressed. *scores* Me: "Why yes, yes I HAVE read every one of the million + books in this store, sir." Customer: *awe-filled stare*


Anywho, I seem to have lost my cell phone. I have no idea where it is. Um. I'm thinking that maybe I accidently threw it out with the trash. So. If anyone has been trying to call me recently and I haven't gotten back to you. Well. Now you know why.

THE EYES CAME TODAY!!!!! Yes, Mora's eyes came today. YAY! They are rather more pink than red, but they're still cool. And it was much easier to get them into Mora's DP2 head than it was to do Nesanica's and Snovi's eyes. Now she just needs hair...

I worked in the cafe for about an hour and a half today. I can do coffe and slushies and bakery items that require the microwave only. Anyway, they've been putting me in the cafe a lot recently. O_O I had not realized that there is this whole other language for caffeinated beverages! Like, do you know what a "jimmy" is? Or that plain coffee is just called a "drip"? Also, people can order extra shots of caffeine for their drinks!!! *is appalled* DUDE!

silensy, what is the name (and URL of, hehehe) of that story with Ron being thought dead and everyone going on and I think you said it was het but Ron was really being forced to play chess and you say it is a very big story in HP fandom? I wanna read it. Because. RON!!!

I fear that I overuse exclamation points. Oh well.

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