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Womens Shoes and Clothing, and other Evil Things.

ATTENTION ALL CHICKS!!! Did you know that *sneers* guys get to have sizes of clothing that actually correspond to things in real life!? And that they don't just get things like "petite", "medium", and "tall", but rather they actually buy pants by knowing how tall they actually are!?! WHY DON'T WE GET TO DO THAT!?!?! I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT MY INSEAM SIZE IS!!!!! And neck size and shoulder breadth and arm length!!!!!!! Fucking SUCKS!

I have to go clothes shopping on Friday. I hate clothes shopping. *stabs*

Today I bought shoes. What a racket. Womens shoes are WAY more expensive then mens shoes AND they wear out twice as fast! Ladies, why do we put up with this shit!?!?! (The shoes I got are v. v. cute, tee hee. Er. I mean, DOWN WITH THE Y CHROMOSOME!)

And just because I have boobs instead of a dick, that doesn't give ANYONE the right to condescend to me! OR TOUCH ME!!! Fucking hell, this customer kept PATTING MY BACK!! And this one guy didn't want my help, but rather wanted the NEW GUY WHO CAN'T FIND HIS OWN ASS to help him just because he can pee standing up!


What the hell is wrong with our culture!? Isn't all this sexist shit supposed to be OVER?!

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