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It is sad and pathetic that it is only 7:30 in the evening and I am already contemplating going to bed. I even have my nightshirt on.

On the other hand, it was GORGEOUS today. I got to see the sun rise just as I was getting to work, and I took all of my breaks outside so I could soak up the sun because the weather was PERFECT. Blue skies with just enough clouds to make it interesting, a nice breeze with a bit of ocean tang to it. Not hot, not cold. Just... lovely. *sighs happily* God, I love winter here. Best season ever. Yes.

Last night was fun. Yay, dollfie! Yay, Rumah! Yay, anime!

Mora now has hair and is no longer an emotionless robot slave.

This is my Mora with silensy's Elysia. They don't have much to say, even to each other, but they are friends. Elysia is very serene and Mora is just... quiet.

So cute!

Mora is also friends with inkwraith's Sigan.

OMG, the cute!

And here is a shot of all the new dolls: silensy's Elysia, my Mora, and inkwraith's Sigan and his sister Nemu (sp?). Yay!!!

Oh, the shiny!

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