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Another Coming Out of the WIP Closet Day (Late) post...

Um, speaking of things that went nowhere...

Title: Feelin' Kinda Blue
Fandom: Farscape
Bombed because: It was just a silly gag, no plot really.

“Feelin’ Kinda Blue”
by Jade Marmalade

“What’s wrong now, Criton?” Aeryn Soong asked the man from Earth impatiently.

“I’m just feelin’ kinda blue,” he replied.

“WHAT?! Do you Humans molt? You’re turning blue, eh? I don’t see anything yet. Are you going to be more Chiana-blue or Zhan-blue? Can I--”

John laughed. “No, not like that! It’s an--um, an Earth expression. You know, just a saying. It means I’m feeling down.”

“Down?” Aeryn said uncertainly. “How can you feel ‘down’? Are there fluctions in the gravity again? Moya seems fine to me but if you think that there’s a problem you should talk to Pilot--”

“Aaargh. No, it’s just slang for being depressed. Sad. Gloomy. Dejected. Downcast. You”

Aeryn grabbed John and started dragging him toward Moya’s control center where the others were.

“Hey! What are you doing?”

“There is obviously something wrong with your translators.”

“Wha-? No, you don’t understand!”

They arrived to find D’Argo threatening puppet-guy but all heads turned toward them when Aeryn announced “John’s sick.”

“Oh?” said Zhan. “What is the problem?”

Before John could speak up, Aeryn spoke. “Something seems to be wrong with his speech. He’s feeling ‘down’ and thinks that he’s turning blue. I thinks it must some sort of Human disease. Or maybe his translators are malfunctioning.”


Oh, what the hell, that was short -- I'll post another!

Title: All In Stars Went My Lover
Fandom: DC Comics
Killed by: Events in Canon. Damn the Canon!

TITLE: All In Stars Went My Lover
AUTHOR: Soul Spinner
DISCLAIMER: I disclaim all knowledge of this. The Martain Manhunter made me do it.
WARNINGS: character death, violence, language, graphic sexual situations, homosexual themes
SERIES: part of the Shadows and Sunlight Series
NOTES: This story takes place in an AU of the DC universe, approximately five years after the events in the “Young Justice: Sins of Youth” storyline. Read the End Notes to learn more about this AU series.
SUMMARY: Arrowette gets a tattoo and reminisces about her dead lover.

All In Stars Went My Lover
by Soul Spinner

It hurt. Oh, it wasn’t the “I’ve-just-been-beaten-by-a-pissed-off-monster” kind of hurt, but it still hurt. She’d known it would. That was sort of the point. Pain was good. It told you that you were still alive. She needed that. It had been a long time since she’d felt alive.

“All done. Got the care instructions, girlie?”

“Don’t call me girlie.” The greasy man just smirked at her.

With an easy vault, she was off the table and had him pinned against the wall with her arm across his throat. He was a big man and weighed easily twice she did. But she had the advantage of extensive training from some of the best fighters in the world.

“Don’t call me girlie.” He frantically gasped out an affirmative and she released him. Without another word, she turned and walked out, leaving the money for her new tattoo on the counter.

Cissie King-Jones sighed. That was another thing she’d been doing lately – responding with violence at the least provocation. It should have worried her, but it didn’t. She’d passed her own test when she had refrained from killing the bastard that had murdered her lover. It had been a close thing, but she’d learned from her prior mistake. Not that she hadn’t taken her pound of flesh in vengeance. Oh yes, that bastard would bear the marks of her wrath for the rest of his life in prison.

She shivered as a cold wind blasted down the dark street. It was winter and the New York night was cold. She hugged her coat closer. Cissie liked living in New York. She felt anonymous here. At least when she wasn’t on the island.

The island. After her lover’s death, Young Justice had disbanded. None of them could face the pain of losing a teammate in such a way. But it had been all the worse for her went Cassie died, because she had loved her.

They’d drifted apart. Much to her own surprise, Cissie continued as a superhero with the Titans. It ached to fight without Cassie at her side, but she had a purpose now. She protected the world from the kind of monsters that had killed her beloved Cassandra. When Arsenal had retired from the Titans, he asked her to take his place as the team’s official archer. She’d accepted without hesitation. At the time, it had been merely something to do so she wouldn’t have to keep seeing Cassie’s broken body bleeding on the marble staircase but it had become her calling.

The rest of Young Justice had dealt with the loss of Wonder Girl in their own way. Kon-El spent all his time at Cadmus or with the Challengers of the Unknown. He was very rarely around anymore. Even the newspapers had remarked on the lack of Superboy’s presence. Anita had gone on to college and Empress rarely fought anymore between studying for tests and going out with her boyfriend, Lobo. *That* had been something of a surprise. Being with Anita actually had a calming affect of Lobo. He did still have a tendency to cause mass destruction but that was just Lobo being Lobo.

Impulse had joined the Titans again with her when the Flash decided to devote all his attention to the JLA. Bart had really grown up in the last few years. He was more focused now and less flighty. Cissie had grown to rely on him to bring her out of the deep bouts of depression that she was prone to falling into nowadays. He always knew just what to say. Cassie’s death and his trip through time with the Flash from the far distant future had given Bart a maturity that he’d been lacking.

Robin was a whole different story. He’d blamed himself for Wonder Girl’s death and had found no emotional support from Batman. He’d withdrawn from all his friends. Then, a mere four months after Cassie’s death, tradegy struck again. Tim’s girlfriend, the Spoiler, had caught a stray bullet during a Gotham City gang war. It had almost shattered him. The two of them had grown closer in their mutal grief although both were more grim. Cissie was worried about her friend. He never laughed anymore.

As for Secret, that bitch was rotting away in a DEO laboratory, which was right where she belonged.

“Hey! Don’t I know you?”

Cissie was startled out of her thoughts by a loud female voice. It was a girl a few years younger than herself.

“Yeah, you’re that girl who won the gold medal in archery what, five, six years ago? Right? Cissie King-Jones, right? Geez, you were my hero!”

“Um, thank you.”

“Wow, this is just so cool! So why didn’t you compete again last year? You could have whupped that Brazil girl’s butt! Man, I think I still have the tape of the episode of Wendy the Werewolf Stalker that you appeared in! This is so neat! Are you ever going to compete again? What about acting? I thought you were great! Do you still do archery? How about...”

“L-look, I have to go. Please, um, I’m late...” Cissie managed to extricate herself from the overly-enthusiastic fan with relief. She’d never reveled in the attention her fame had brought her but since Cassie’s death she’d actually run from it. It was uncomfortable to have people looking up to her, asking her questions. Didn’t they know she was grieving?! Well, of course not, but still... She needed all of her self for herself at the moment. She couldn’t share herself with the world beyond her Titans duties, and there she had a mask to hide behind.

Her mask. For awhile, she had gone without it and been herself. Or at least, she had thought that she was being herself. Cassie had seen it differently. She’d kept after Cissie, badgering her until she was finally forced to face the truth about herself. Her overbearing mother may have pushed her into becoming Arrowette, but, no matter how hard she tried to deny it, she was a hero. She liked being a hero. She was good at being a hero. And she had gifts that she could use to help people. It was her calling and her duty. Cissie remembered something that Robin had said so many years ago. She’d asked him if he would ever give up being Robin. It had been over five years since then but his words still resonated in her mind as if they were all still sitting around that campfire. “In a heartbeat. If I were no longer Robin... that would mean that no more innocent people were being threatened. No more criminals were going around breaking the law. No one was living in fear of their lives. No more crime or wrongdoing. It would mean that mankind had entered utopia. And I’d be happy for humanity. Because that would be the only circumstance under which I’d quit the game.” Then he’d asked her the same question. She’d used a cop-out excuse about her mother instead of really thinking about it. Now that she was more mature, she truly understood what he had been saying – and agreed with it totally.

Not that being a hero couldn’t be taken too far. After Cassie’s death, Rob had become a grim parody of Batman. He’d been obsessed. He’d always been serious before, but after the deaths of both Wonder Girl and Spoiler and Secret’s betrayal, he’d become a shadow. Cissie had the feeling that even she didn’t know the whole story, and she was the only one from their Young Justice days that still talked with him. A few months after Spoiler’s death he’d gone missing – completely disappeared off the face of the Earth. She’d still been deep in her grief but even she couldn’t miss Nightwing’s deep worry. What was really worrying was that Batman himself had asked for the help of the JLA and the Titans to find him. She didn’t know the details, but Robin had reappeared a few months later. She’d tried to ask him about it but he wouldn’t answer her. And he’d become as scary as Batman.

Nightwing was more approachable. She looked up to him as a mentor. As the leader of the Titans, and the only other non-powered person on the team, he’d taken a special interest in training her. It was rough, but worth it. The last time her brother Connor, the man generally accepted as the best martial artist in the world, had come to visit, he’d been hard-pressed to put her down.

Now Nightwing was gone. Cissie sighed and sat down on the curb under a streetlight. Only one week ago, he and his very pregnant wife had left for their new home on New Tamaran. She smiled at the thought of the pregnant Starfire. Her unpredictable moodswings coupled with her amazing strength had caused some serious damage to Titan’s Tower, but Kory in fuzzing slippers and curled up on the couch with a carton of double mocha cherry almond ice cream was just too cute. She had taken Nightwing as her consort and now they were the joint rulers of an alien world. Nightwing had promised all of the Titans that he would visit often, but Cissie would still miss the man that had become a good friend to her.

The night was cold and Cissie shivered and pulled her coat closer. The rough fabric pulled at the bandage around her new tattoo.


C'mon, you know you want to read more!

Title: Raiders
Fandom: Lara Croft (it was going to be a crossover with Indiana Jones and The Sentinel, too, but I only ever wrote a bit of a Lara stuff...)
Died of: Natural Causes

by Soul Spinner

“Oh, this is bad, this is very bad.”

The words echoed eerily around the cool, dark temple. They were loud in the otherwise silent and abandoned ruin. There were other noises: the drip of water, the scuttle of shy jungle creatures, the far off call of distant birds, the ever present drone of insects. But those sounds were normal for this place. This abandoned and forgotten relic of yesteryears splendors. The words of this intruder - this human - did not belong.

Lara Croft didn’t care. Her entire life was intruding in places where she wasn’t supposed to go. Lara was an adventurer, an archeologist, a wanderer, an aristocrat, a mercenary. She was all this and more. In her brief lifetime, Lara had seen wonders and dangers that most other people could barely even conceive of. She had survived airplane crashes, wolves, dinosaurs, walking statues, giant alien babies, not-so-friendly native tribesmen, mystical dragons, pissed off Egyptian deities, allegators, and all manner of thugs armed with everything from swords to flamethrowers. When she said things were bad, things were very, very, VERY bad. When she said things were very bad, it was time to run for the hills without looking back.

Lara stood looking into the dark chasm she had just droped two flares into. Absolutely no light escaped the dark hole now where, moments before, her flares had illuminated a deadly pit filled with snakes. She had also briefly seen a slight glint that could only mean rusty spikes. Judging from the temple layout and the slope of the chamber bellow, Lara would bet money that there was also a boulder trap set up to take out the unwary.

“Ah, well,” she said, once more disrupting the ghosts of the temple, “tally-ho!”

Lara droped three grenades into the chasm to clear out the snakes and then backed away from the hole. If her voice had disturbed the temple, the grenade blasts shook its foundations. After the smoke cleared, Lara droped two more flares into the dark hole and then jumped down after them, guns blazing.

She couldn’t help but scream a little on the way down. As she fell, Lara picked off some of the remaining snakes with her twin Uzis. Twisting in mid-air, she narrowly avoided the rusty spikes covered with old blood. Lara hit the ground with a roll. The drop had taken some of the vitality out of her, but Lara couldn’t worry about that now because a large boulder was bearing down on her. The ground rumbled and Lara darted aside just in time to miss the deadly trap.

Suddenly, Lara’s world was plunged into complete darkness as the flares stuttered out.

“Bugger,” Lara exclaimed under her breath as she put away her guns to get more flares out. She lit the flare and it came alive in a dazzling flash with a loud hiss.

‘Hiss?’ Lara thought. She dodged just in time to avoid the venomous bite of the giant king cobra that had decided it didn’t really enjoy her company. Droping the flare, Lara jumped backwards and drew her Uzis once more. She cut the cobra into several writhing chunks in a spray of bullets, then quickly looked around to assess her surroundings for more danger.

Lara found herself in a small, sloped chamber. At the top of the slope was an alcove that was just large enough to hold a good-sized boulder. Lara checked the other end of the chamber. ‘Yep,’ she thought, ‘there’s the rock that tried to make me into a Lara-pancake. Guess the blokes that set this all up don’t want any intruders.’ She grined wryly to herself: these places never did. Two dark openings, one on either side of the alcove, led out of the chamber.

“Eeny, meny, miny - aw, to heck with it! I don’t need another tiger, anyway.” Lara lit another flare and went throught the nearest door.


I suppose that I could post the pages and pages of random Glorfindel bits that I have, too, but. No.

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