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Some of you seem to think that my hobby is, well, a bit scary. Ha!, I say to you, and Ha! again. Dollfie is SANE compared to some people and their doll obsession. Check this Legolas repaint I found on Ebay out. Yeah. I could buy Soo for less than that. I could buy Nono for about that! I could buy the pretty Luts Shiwoo Elf for less. And Elf!Shiwoo is frankly prettier than Legolas.

*ahem* Have bid on more Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game cards. *looks shifty* Boromir is cool. Want Glorfindel Saelbeth card.

I brought home a strip of the magazine Computer Games that talks about Middle-earth Online. Umm, hmmm.

Also, silensy, your people are mean. I haven't heard back from them yet. Woe.

Meme time!
One Year Ago Today, I was talking about my scary inbox (heh), mice, "Lord of the Rhymes", and the cyber-picture-poem thingee. inkwraith. The cyber-picture-poem!!! Imapoem!!! ARE WE EVER GOING TO FINISH THAT!?!?!

Two Years Ago Today, I posted twice. The first post was about jury duty, breaking up with my (bleh) boyfriend, class, fun times with inkwraith, playing Bomberman with Mark, and a rant on capitalism and American evilness and moving to Canada. The second post was about my names. It's still pretty true. I do still have identity issues with my names.

Three Years Ago Today, I wasn't around on LJ, so there, nyah!

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