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Update on Life (wherein I ramble about Stuff)

arabel is so beyond cool. I <3 her. Thank you!!!

I found a random guide on how to make Starbucks drinks in my room. Now, I know someone must have given it to me, and the probability is that it was someone at my work. Most likely, it was one of the Cafe people. But. I have no memory of this event. O_o I have been tired lately, but that tired? Hm.

So, anyway, Anime Club last Friday was fun. I think I go now more for the interaction with my friends than for the anime itself. Got more free manga, gave away more strips, set up a trade -- the usual.

Saturday, I went to work and then hopped in the car with silensy and torrye and drove up to Santa Barbara to visit wiloeleigh and her boy and bobbfett and to see a play (Much Ado About Nothing, set post-WWI. It was good, although I had a migraine.)

Sunday we drove back (with a stop at The Big Yellow House for breakfast) and then I went to Universal Citywalk for my sisty's birthday gathering. Family. Oh my, family. I love them, but. Yeah.

I must have done something on Monday besides go to work, but I don't recall.

Yesterday, torrye kidnapped me from work and we came to my place and called silensy and made her come here and Mark got us Greek food and we looked up stuff on Then we went to see Hildago. I liked it, although I still think that not all of it really happened. The chickee, for instance. Anyway, Viggo/Horse IS my OTP. heh.

I excavated some of my old comics for The Thing of Evil in Which I Wish to Partake. Wow, Marvel canon is fricking WEIRD. Cloud is even more messed up than I remembered. Later, I will type out a synopsis for anyone who wishes to understand the true insanity of this character to read.

I am reading a book called Mr. Wilson's Cabinet of Wonder: Pronged Ants, Horned Humans, Mice on Toast, and Other Marvels of Jurassic Technology by Lawrence Weschler. It's very very very very very very good and you all have to go out and read it, too. (ISBN:0679764895, trade paperback edition)

Yes, I am boring. Oh well.

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