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This? Makes me laugh. And think. And laugh more.

Meeting at work today got me all fired up. God, I love my job. I don't care that it is so physically demanding and leaves me with aches and bruises. I think of those aches as just letting me know that I am alive. I <3 B&N.

Big spider descended from my ceiling and landed on Snovi right in front of me last night. I freaked, but it got away and I'm fine now. Did you know that most of those mysterious bites you get, even though people call them "spider bites," really aren't? Unless the spider is one of the really dangerous sort, you shoul just leave them be and they will take care of the things that really bite you for you. However. Snovi wasn't amused at playing "Little Miss Muffet."

Mora is adorable in her new outfit. *squees* Must post pictures soon.

Random List of Things Hanging on My Bedroom Walls:
19 fans (6 place fans, 1 large Regency fan and 3 small ones, 3 flower fans, 2 dragon fans, 1 anime fan, 1 corn fan, 1 all-wood fan, and 1 kimono fan)
2 Larry Elmore prints
1 Nene Thomas print
4 Lance Haunrogue prints
1 Ciruelo Cabral print
1 print by an unknown artist named Lauren (this print alternates with a print of Veronica from Strangers in Paradise signed by Terry Moore)
1 sword
1 wand (with medicine bag attached)
1 wind chime
1 piece of original artwork from the comic Deadpool (issue 57, pages 6/7)
1 Fruits Basket poster (signed by the voice actor for Haru)
1 small Witch Hunter Robin poster
1 Gundam Wing poster
1 paper dragon
2 giant Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game cards (Legolas: Dauntless Hunter and Aragorn: Defender of the Free Peoples)
1 2004 calendar (Michael Whelan art)
1 tiny handmade dreamcatcher
7 Hook-Ups dolls hanging from a black ribbon
1 Lexar Jumpdrive (512MB) hanging by a leopard-print tie
3 handmade kusudama of differing sizes strung together (this is actually on the ceiling in one corner, but whatever)

I think that what people have up on their walls says a lot about them. What does the above list say about me?

I am tired. Tired tired tired, and I have to be up at 5am tomorrow, so I think that I shall go to sleep now.


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