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Little Cloudie and the No Good Really Bad Day

Maybe it was something in the water.

So, today I started working a new shift. It sucks. Going in, I get stuck in rush hour traffic. Coming home, I get stuck in rush hour traffic. Basically, this shift adds an extra 40 minutes to 1 hour onto my commute time every day, because the freeway is FUCKED UP.

They won't change my schedule, even though I need to be able to do zone maintenance when there are PEOPLE standing around everywhere - i.e. before the store opens. Grr. And today, I put out all the magazines, which means my useless, no good, dumb-as-a-brick morning shelver won't have anything to do tomorrow, so I GOT REPRIMANDED FOR DOING MY JOB AND HIS BOTH!

It wasn't just me, either. EVERYONE at work was pissy today. So yeah, maybe it was something in the water. It wasn't busy or anything, it was just a sucky kinda day. Someone said it must be the Santa Ana Devil Winds a-blowin', but I didn't notice much wind today.


I'm sorta still in a bad mood.

But I know how to get myself out of my bad mood. It is stupid to let myself remain in a bad mood. Nothing I've said here is really bad. I shouldn't let myself get so worked up over trifles like these. Whatever.

Here, have some music to commemorate my bad day:
Great Palaces of Immortal Splendour - Single Gun Theory

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