The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

Yes, but what icon should I choose for THIS post, hmm?

Meme: Gender break-down of icons:

10 sheep icons. I don't know what gender my sheep are. Possibly male, since they have horns? But what about the one of the sheep waiting for a kiss from the other, disappearing sheep? And the one with Katchoo from Strangers in Paradise firing her gun in the background while the sheep falls flaming down? Hmm. I'm going to count this as 10 male, 2 female.

6 faces of actual real people, female. 1 Liv Tyler, 1 Cate Blanchett (as Galadriel), 1 random Canadian model looking scary, 2 of Natalia Vodianova, and 1 of Christian Aguliera from her "Fighter" music video.

7 faces of actual real people, male. 1 random pretty elf from LotR:FotR (it's Glorfindel! although the TCG card says it's Saelbeth, poo.), 1 picture of the character Doc Roe from Band of Brothers, 2 pictures of the character Spiers from Band of Brothers, 1 picture of Starsky from the original Starsky and Hutch, 1 picture of Billy Boyd as Pippin, and one picture of Johnny Depp from From Hell (not really his face -- him in a bath tub. heh.).

3 female dolls.

2 Sanrio cuties, 1 male (Sweet Coron) and 1 female (Pirate!Hello Kitty).

2 Neopets icons, 1 female (Grey Faerie) and 1 gender-neutral (I refuse to believe that Fuzzles have genders).

9 pictures stolen from random artists, female. 1 Josephine Wall, 1 Fujiwara Yowkow, 1 Carla Speed McNeil (from Finder!), 3 from Mari-chan, 1 from Disney's Fantasia 2000, 1 random anime girl (I don't know what she is from, but she is cute!), and 1 by an artist I don't know who likes to paint angels (this one is also my journal background).

5 pictures from random artists, male. 1 Idea Theif from some-guy-I-can't-remember, 1 of Wufei from random-doujinshi-artist-person, 1 of Ray Kowalski by Snaples, 1 of Shido from NightWalker, and 1 of the Bomberman!

1 Cloudie, Star's Cute Minion, female.

5 gender-neutral icons. 1 Suck My Mutant Pussy icon (while the sentiment is definately female, the cat is actually male), 1 picture of hands ("help me to breathe" is from the Serial Experiments Lain theme song and the hands are actually Frodo's and Sam's from LotR:FotR when Frodo pulls Sam out of the water at the end of the movie), 1 huggles icon from the aforementioned some-guy-I-can't-remember, 1 scary inbox icon from that same some-guy-I-can't-remember, and my Dancing Thingee <(^_^)>.

So the breakdown (with some overlap for multiple classifications of individual icons) is:
23 male
23 female
6 gender-neutral

So, what exactly does that say about me? That I am very, very balanced? You know, this is an interesting meme -- everyone on my Friends list should do it! Go, get thee to thy Update page!

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