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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

It hurts to type. I slammed my left pointer finger in a drawer at work yesterday by accident, and now my fingertip is BLACK and strange and it hurts. And I had a customer almost make me cry and scary people tried to kill me on the freeway. Today, I went in to work... only to find out that it is my day off. They keep messing with my schedule!!! GRRRR!

Okay, the bad stuff is over now. I mean, you have to get all that out of the way first, right? That is what LJ is for: bitching.

Anyway, inkwraith took me out to dinner and comforted me and made me feel lots better, and I chatted with peoples late into the morn, fun fun fun. So I am better now.

Now, I shall talk about dollfie.

Luts Soo Special
Luts Elf Shiwoo
Volks Super Dollfie Nono

Oh woe, woe is me, I have no SD. But really, Soo isn't that expensive. About $500-$600. I could do that. *nods*

ETA: CSUN servers are down across the board, so my LJ layout isn't working, along with all of my other hosted pics. Boo. Annoying. And since it is Spring Break, I do not think they will be up again for another week. Sucks.

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