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the philosophy of teddy bears

My tax return is quite substantial. As in, I could affored a Luts Soo Special + make up + wig + clothes. This is exciting and upsetting. See, I should save the money for things like ComicCon and Italy (oh, and those pesky things called bills, yeah...), but! SOO!!! She is pretty and I want her, yes I do. Only two things stop me. 1. It is kinda absurd for an adult woman to spend so much on a doll. 2. inkwraith needs to get her doll, too, so Soo will have a friend to play with. *nods*

Randomly: I am a coward. Joan of Arcadia it so filled with life lessons and stuff.

This keyboard sucks. This mouse sucks. I wanna go home!

There is a Grim behind me, licking his balls. A lot. For, like, the last 30 minutes. *sighs*

themerovingian's father is really cool. Really. I mean, like, WOW.

Bobby/Jane is OMG so cute.

And someone should really talk me out of joinging theatrical_muse. Seriously, it is scary and weird and I still don't quite get it (how can all those characters co-exist when the physical laws of their various universes are so different!?!). But, I could let me Tim Drake muse out to play. Or Shenlong/Nataku. Or I could do Miss Parker, because I want to make icons of her, because she is pretty and can kick my ass anytime.

Sleeping alone in a king-size bed is terribly weird. And sad.

My DM comes to visit tomorrow and I have to give him a tour and talk to him and stuff and I'm a teensy bit nervous. Just a bit, though. I'm actually a pretty laid-back person. I took this test in one of my psych classes that was supposed to evaluate how you deal with urban stresses and such, and I got got such a low stress score that the prof was impressed. I think it is because I think of most of life as a big joke. That is why I always liked Deadpool, by the way. Anyway, most of my serious stress comes from my father, not work or school or such. I mean, really. A few mistakes won't ruin my life and I am confident enough in myself to believe that I can rebuild anything that comes crashing down. Sometimes, like everyone, I do get overwhelmed and I do think that I may come to regret certain actions and decisions, but whatever. I think I have this philosophy of going with the flow. Like, a little bit existential, in a pre-determined free will sorta way, if that makes sense. I rule my life. I choose this -- the good and the bad. There is a bit of psychology thrown in there, too. Because I am who I am and who society and biology shaped me to be, I choose this. So.

In other news, my cell phone is being bad and freezing up on me. Bad cell phone!

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