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I do not feel like reading my Friends list, I feel like sleeping. However, I shall update.

Warren Ellis is god. So much love for mistersleepless.

After bribing them with Togo's, I forced silensy and inkwraith help me orgainze and catalogue my comics collection (they are my slaves, mwahahahahahaha!). I have A LOT of comics. Like, OMG. We bought long boxes (and trading cards, comics, and Warhammer LotR figures, because, hee~! shiny!) and we alphabetized and started entering them into a database (on my OLD laptop, which is so old that it runs Windows 3.1 and takes seven minutes to start up, OLD). I mean, seriously folks, WOW, I have a SHITLOAD of comics.

Booking rooms at the Hilton for Comic Con was unsuccessful. Am trying again tomorrow. Also, must respond to jury duty notice. Oh, and taxes stuff.

Work today was nice. Sure, the Up escalator was not working and I had to be at the Customer Service desk all day because someone called out sick, but otherwise, it was nice. It was nice because there were very very few customers. I caught up on my back issues of the corporate newsletter! Heh. But then I got off of work and went to my sisty's for Easter (and isn't it funny that we had Easter there since my sisty and family are Jewish?) and everyone was getting ready to leave and the egg hunts were over and family tempers were already frayed from too much contact, so I missed family Easter-ness. No matter, I got to go play with inkwraith and we had some ideas, but then we had an Idea, with a capital "I." Which is cool. And involves dollfie. Yay!

Name: Benton Fraser
Codename: Wildling
Classification: Homo sapiens superior
Occupation: law enforcement officer, adventurer
Rank: Sergeant, Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Health: optimal human, athlete; back injuries, bullet wound.
Powers: 1) enhanced senses, especially taste, but average eyesight; 2) telepathic animal communication with higher animal intelligences only, excepting sentients such as humans, best with undomesticated animals and predators; 3) clairvoyant animal rapport with specifically bonded animals, primarily wolves.
Skills: 1) expert marksman; 2) expert tracker and wilderness survival expert, especially in Canadian wilderness; 3) proficient horseback rider; 4) expert dogsledder; 5) expert hunter.
Other Skills, Powers and Special Weapons: 1) proficient will Inuit meditation techniques that can a) enhance strength and stamina, b) induce deathlike trances, c) speed healing; 2) knowledge of Inuit folk lore, remedies, poisons, techniques; 3) RCMP-issue Stetson, seemingly imbued with magical properties of protection and luck; 4) unquantifiable aura that keeps condition pristine; 5) perfect recall.
Notes: 1) accompanied by bonded deaf half-wolf at all times; 2) partnered with American police detective.

Name: Stanley Raymond Kowalski
Codename: Seeker
Classification: Homo sapiens sapiens, bio-mechanically enhanced cyborg
Occupation: law enforcement officer, adventurer
Rank: Detective First Grade, Chicago Police Department
Health: optimal human, athlete; eyes replaced with alien bio-mechanical implants.
Powers: can use bio-mechanical eyes to see a) telescopically, b) microscopically, and c) in various different spectra.
Skills: 1) master marksman; 2) expert undercover operative and actor.
Other Skills, Powers and Special Weapons: 1) can sense alien and/or otherworldly presences; 2) has a magical dreamcatcher that protects against evil spirits if held; 3) carries guns blessed by Catholic priest and Inuit shaman.
Notes: 1) partnered with RCMP officer; 2) owns seemingly immortal and invulnerable pet turtle.

In his youth during the early part of the 20th century, the man known only as Logan met and fell in love with a Canadian woman named Belle. They spent a wonderful and happy few months together before Logan had to go off to war. Unbeknownst to Logan, Belle was pregnant when he left. Belle gave birth to their daughter and named her Caroline but then died a few days later from internal bleeding. Caroline was put in an orphanage by the state, and though the midwife was questioned, no one knew who her father was so she was put up for adoption. She was adopted by a loving couple who cared for her as if she were their own. Logan came back from the war to find Belle missing. He asked around and was told of her death, but no one told him of the child. Logan did not find out that he had a daughter for a very long time.

Caroline grew up well cared for and happy. When she reached maturity, her parents told her that she was adopted. She found out about her mother but not her father. Caroline fell in love with a young RCMP officer named Robert Fraser and they married. The loving couple had one child, a son they named Benton. Caroline was murdered by her husbands then-partner, Gerard. Benton went to live with his grandparents, Martha and George Fraser.

The Fraser family had come over to Canada from Scotland after the death of bonnie Prince Charlie. Martha, however, was born in Scotland to a family that had a long tradition of magic and witchcraft. She and George met through their mutual love of books. They fell in love, married, and became traveling librarians together, bring Western learning to China and doing other missionary throughout the world before settling down in Canada and have a son, Robert.

Robert wanted adventures, too, so he joined the RCMP. Martha tried to teach him some of the ancient family magics, but he refused to learn them. When her grandson, Benton, came to live with them after his mothers death, Martha taught him instead. Benton learned simple natural magics from both his grandmother and the shaman that lived in the Inuit village nearby. She saw his rapport with animals as a powerful manifestation of his hereditary magical powers, when really it came from his other grandfather, Logan, who passed on the x-factor to Ben. When Benton, too, eventually joined the RCMP, Martha worked her greatest magical powers to install into his Stetson spells of protection and luck to keep him safe.

George and Martha Fraser were not demonstrative people, and this was the only way she could show her love for Ben, as well as keep him safe. Martha and George both died not long after Benton became a Mountie. He acquired a companion when he and a half-wolf saved each others lives and Ben's mutant gift bonded. Ben named the wolf, who had become deaf in saving his life, Diefenbaker. Bob and Ben didn't have much of a father/son relationship so they only saw each other infrequently. When Bob Fraser was murdered, Benton went to Chicago on the trail of his father's killer. He ended up exposing corruption inside the ranks of the RCMP and was exiled in America to work at the Chicago Consulate. He took to helping his new friend, Detective Ray Vecchio, solve cases out of the 27th Precinct. An evil demoness called Victoria Metcalfe that he had met years before caused Ben to become obsessed with her, but his friendship with Ray Vecchio broke her hold over him. Then Vecchio was assigned to a case where he had to work undercover inside the Italian Mafia and another officer, Stanley Kowalski, was assigned to take his place and protect his cover by being Vecchio.

Rosha and Damien Kowalski both came to America from Poland as young children with their families, after World War II. Their families settled in Chicago in search of a better life. There, they met, fell in love and married. When immigrants such as themselves started turning up murdered, they and others from the Old Country formed a posse to hunt down the killers because the police didn't seem to care about a few dead Polaks. The Kowalski's discovered the horrifying realities of vampires. Before they managed to destroy the nest of evil fiends that were preying on them, several more in their community were killed.

After the vampires were exterminated, Rosha and Damien settled down in their poor, immigrant neighborhood and started their family. Their first son was a son they named Damien after his father. Later, Stanley was born. The Kowalski's past returned, however, when a single vampire bent on revenge killed little Damien. With the help of Father O'Leary, a Catholic priest and friend of the family, the Kowalski's destroyed the vampire. However, the whole family was severely traumatized by little Damien's death. Young Stanley, who, after his brother's death wanted only to be called Ray, had only one friend in the form of his pet turtle, Tuttle.

Later, as a young teenager, Stanley began having terrible nightmares about being kidnapped and experimented on. He was being abducted by aliens and they were experimenting on him, but they buried the memory. The aliens took out Ray's natural eyes and implanted new bio-mechanical eyes that seemed normal. However, Ray went from 20/20 vision to highly myopic overnight because they had not fully activated his implants before abandoning their experimentation on him.

Ray grew up and decided to become a cop, much to the dismay of his parents and his long time sweetheart and fiancee, Stella. Part of Ray's motivation to become a police officer came from witnessing a bank robbery as a child, but he also wanted to be on the look out for anymore vampires and make sure no other little children like his brother were killed by them. He got Father O'Leary to bless one of his guns and several cartridges of bullets just in case he ever ran across another vampire.

Ray and Stella married and he supported her as a uniformed police officer while she went to law school. Stella became a State's Attorney. Eventually, the couple started drifting apart and fighting. Ray wanted children while Stella didn't because she wanted to focus on her career and Stella thought Ray wasn't ambitious enough because he didn't want to go into politics. Also, Stella's family was prominent and Ray was from the wrong side of the tracks and that came between them. Stella asked for a divorce and Ray was crushed. He took the assignment to go undercover as Ray Vecchio to escape his depression.

When Vecchio finally came back and they wrapped up the Mafia case, caught Caroline's murderer, and captured a band of gun-runners with a decomissioned Russian nuclear submarine, Ray and Ben decided to take a vacation while Vecchio recuperated and fell in love with Stella. Ray and Ben went on a quest through the Northwest Territories to find the legendary Hand of Franklin. The quest was Ray's idea, and Ben was just happy to be home. While on the quest, the two discovered that they loved each other and became lovers. They were married by the old Inuit shaman who had been Ben's teacher. The shaman also blessed Ray's other gun and some more bullets, again, just in case.

The two told each other all their secrets. Ben told Ray of his magics and his suspicion that he might be a mutant. Ray told Ben about the death of his brother and the odd story of his very special turtle, Tuttle. Tuttle had accompanied the two on their quest, even though Benton had originally tried to talk Ray out of it. But Ray explained that he'd had the turtle since he was a baby and it seemed deathless. Ray never fed the thing and it was still alive. Ben was intrigued but could find no answer to the mystery of the immortal and invulnerable Tuttle the Turtle. Benton asked Ray about the memory of alien abduction that he had uncovered using hypnosis once while they were on a case. Ray believed that they memories were just nightmares.

During the summer, the couple delayed their quest to rest up at Fraser's rebuilt cabin because it wasn't the right time of year for dog sledding. Their idyllic happiness was shattered, however, when they were attacked by the Wendigo. To save his lover, for the first time Fraser used all of his unknown mutant power to call a pack of wolves to their aid. The Canadian superhero team Alpha Flight, who had been tracking the monster, came upon the battle and fought off the beast. Ray was injured and the Alphans took him, along with Ben, to their base for medical attention.

The scans conducted by James MacDonald Hudson, also known as the superhero Guardian and leader of Alpha Flight, showed that Fraser really was a mutant with extraordinary powers. The DNA tests that Hudson ran also showed that Benton Fraser was closely related to a former Alpha Flight member, the X-Man known as Wolverine. For the time being, Hudson kept this knowledge to himself. The scans of Ray showed him to be human, but the government scientists also discovered his alien eyes. Their tests fully activated Ray's implants for the first time and he was overwhelmed by all that he could see. At first, Ray thought he was going crazy, but Hudson and Fraser helped him learn how to use his new amazing visual capabilities. Fraser also used more hypnosis to bring the buried memories of his abductions to light.

Hudson eventually asked Benton to join Alpha Flight. Fraser was dubious of becoming a superhero, but it was a wonderful chance to serve his country. After talking it over with Ray, he accepted Hudson's offer and went back on active duty detached to Department H. With his new assignment came the rank of Sergeant. Ray stayed with Ben became an unoffical member of Alpha Flight. Both were even give codnames. Benton Fraser became the newest Alphan, Wildling, and Ray was called Seeker because of his quest for the Hand of Franklin and his incredible eyes.

The pair soon got to know the other members of Alpha and Beta Flights. Vindicator instantly liked Fraser because he reminded her of Logan in some subtle way she couldn't define, even though the two were very different in looks and personality. She didn't trust Kowalski very much because he was American, part alien, had a mysterious immortal turtle and she felt he was holding something back. He was. Ray hadn't told anyone but Fraser about his history with vampires. Northstar was jealous of their loving and open relationship and was his usual rude self to the couple. The rest of the team accepted Ray and Ben into their fold.

While Benton and Ray settled into training with Alpha, Hudson contacted Wolverine and asked to see his old friend. Logan took a break from X-Men business and came home to Canada at Guardian's request. Once there, Hudson showed Logan the files on their newest member of Alpha Flight. When Logan impatiently asked what it had to do with him, Hudson informed him that Benton Fraser was none other than Logan's grandson. Wolverine was struck dumb by this revelation. He didn't believe it until Hudson showed him the tests. Then Hudson asked him about a woman named Belle from before the war and Logan knew for sure. Caroline had been his daughter and Benton was his grandson. When Logan learned that Caroline was dead, he was furious and anguished that he had never known her.

And so the story goes...

I am such a geek.

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