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Excerpted from an interview with David Carradine in Uncut magazine...

What about the dog that tried biting your penis off?
Mmmmmm, that's not exactly right. I'd just moved in with the lady who owned him. And I was, in the morning, out in the backyard taking a whizz. The dog was just trying to show me this was his house, I think. He did actually take my cock in his mouth. But he was very gentle about it. He just wanted to show me, he didn't wanna bite it off. I think he knew I'd just made it with his mistress. That's why he aimed at that, probably. He was a huge dog. Biggest Newfoundland I've ever seen. I punched him in the head. But we got to be great buddies, me and that dog. Great buddies. I mean, I loved that guy. But, I'm part Irish. That's the way a lotta Irishmen begin their relationships.


WTF!? Other stories he tells include the time he was hopped up on peyote and wandered naked around a neighborhood, breaking into peoples homes, painting artwork, and playing the piano while covered in blood. A couple of years ago, I read this book that he wrote. Man, this guy is whack. I <3 David Carradine. Kung Fu rocks!

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