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I should be asleep now.

Why am I not? Screaming nightmares.

I have said it before and I am now saying it again and I bloody well mean it this time: I AM NOT GOING BACK TO HELPLINE EVER AGAIN. I don't care how the other Listeners try to guilt me, it is not worth it. I don't care about trying to help people. Really. Psych majors? Should be shot so that they are put out of their misery. Why do we do this to ourselves?

Okay, done with the angst 'n woe now.

In a totally unrelated topic, is it okay for me, an admitted American (*sigh*), to use British slang? Like, in the above paragraph 'o doom, I used "bloody." I have, on occasion, even used it IRL. Am I being a total poser to use it? I don't think I use it because it is "cool" (*rolls eyes at trendy Britphiles*), I use it because it's really appropriate to my mood sometimes. So, I want the honest opinion of people on my Friends list, Americans and non-Americans alike -- especially the Brits out there. Please? I mean, if you, a British person, heard me, an American, using British slang, would you, like, totally dismiss me as a complete wannabe?

I worry about these things. Also, I have been looking at my Slang Dictionary for the past hour instead of sleeping. There are some really cool words in there that I would like to include in my vocabulary.

Last thought: This icon is particularly appropriate because earlier today (okay, well, yesterday, now), I found a fairly sizeable repository of Band of Brothers slash, something which I had come to believe, after an extensive search, was nonexistent. Coolness.

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